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We help you discover what you were born for, build a life of purpose, and positively influence your world.

We do this through teaching, training and tools that equip you with a life-changing experience rather than just a lesson and a set of notes.

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We come from the beautiful east coast of New Zealand. In 2008, we were asking God about what was next for our lives and we heard Him say, “Leave everything and go to a new country.” That began this wonderful, crazy, scary, fulfilling adventure we are currently on. Together with our four young children and ten suitcases, we left the certain and secure shores of our homeland and headed for Redding, California. We had no idea that our dream to build people would grow into a partnership with Danny Silk, then Kris Vallotton and Bethel Church to help build an organization that is building people all over the world.


Initially, we worked with Danny Silk to develop what we now call Dream Culture – a workshop, book, life coaching tool and DVD curriculum that helps people discover purpose, access motivation and turn all this into real-life outcomes. This became a foundation for what we do now, equipping people to discover who they were born to be, build a partnership with God in ALL of life and overflow to positively influence the world around them.


Now we are on staff at Bethel Church focussed on building initiatives that equip people to partner with God in ALL of life; from the board room to the bedroom and everywhere in between.

I am so excited about what Andy and Janine are bringing because it is a set of tools and paradigms to help inspire people in hope, strength and courage toward their dreams.
Danny Silk,
Author of Keep Your Love On

Andy’s business background ranges from relationship management and agri-business consultancy to international community development, having helped establish a microfinance project, orphan program and leadership development program in eastern Uganda. He was also involved for ten years in the leadership team of a local New Zealand church. At the core of all this was the desire to help people discover purpose and resource them in whatever way possible to get there. (See also


In addition to being a wonderful mother to four children, Janine brings a strategic and relational aspect to all she is involved with. Her background in people development, adult training, and project management merge as she helps people unlock dreams and make the practical steps to see the impossible happen. Janine is also the catalyst behind Kingdom in the Classroom – an initiative to re-activate educators to partner with God in the reformation of the education realm.


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