Are You Doing Enough?

| Andy Mason

How much is enough? As I was driving in to work this morning my mind drifted to the posts of a friend of mine on Facebook. She is preaching the Gospel all over the world – by invitation. The thought popped into my head – “you’re not even preaching it in your own town, let alone around the world Lisa.”

Have you ever had disparaging thoughts like this? Ones that try to make you feel bad about not being ‘successful’ or doing enough? Here’s what I was reminded of today…


Are you doing what YOU are called to do?

John Bevere talked to us this past weekend about the subject of his book – Driven By Eternity. In it he reminds us that we will face judgment when we get to Heaven. Not judgment for our sins, because Jesus has already paid that price; but judgment for what we did with what God sent us here to do. Our calling.

Who called you to do that?

His teaching deeply impacted me and I spent the weekend talking and thinking this through with God. You see, I am a doer. I get things done. That can be great when a task needs to be completed. But it can also be something that, if I allow it to, can consume my thinking and get me more focused on my ‘to do’ list than listening to God throughout the day and fulfilling my calling.

So, after a weekend of mulling over the loving course correction God had shown me, this is what happened this morning as I was faced with the choice of how I would react to the ‘not being as successful as your friend’ or ‘never doing enough’ jibe.

Time to choose what YOU will do

As soon as I recognized that this was a decision point (I ask Holy Spirit to keep me alert to these opportunities), I asked Him for help on thinking from His perspective.

Immediately I heard the Truth that the path that He has my friend on is HER path and NOT mine! It is HER calling and the thing He created her for and NOT mine!

Wow, that revelation (that I’ve heard probably hundreds of times before), snapped me right out of feeling bad for not doing what she is doing. Oftentimes we just need Holy Spirit to remind us of the Truth and help us agree with it.

You were created uniquely for a purpose

I started to remember what we had been talking through this weekend and how He created me specifically for a reason that is uniquely His and mine. It’s the journey we get to go on together and it delights His heart when He and I do that every day.

He reassured me that, as long as my heart wants to be, and do, what He created me for, then He will help me to live it out.

Thankfulness liberates you to be you

My face broke into a huge grin and thankfulness flooded over me. Thankfulness for my friend and what He is doing with her and thankfulness for my life and path too.

What a privilege – to go on daily adventures with Holy Spirit. We get to do what we are created to do, with the One who loves to do it with us!

I invite you to sit with God and talk through your calling. Ask Him to help you bring your unique contribution to the world.

Lisa van den Berg comes from South Africa and has 10+ years experience in helping people to practically develop their dreams.

She has worked in both business and church sectors and specializes in building systems that support building people. Her ability to be both technical and have a keen sense of customer service enables her to span the gap between the two.

Lisa is the Online Pastor for Heaven in Business, the marketplace ministry arm of Bethel Church, Redding, California.

3 thoughts on “Are You Doing Enough?”

  1. Lisa great blog which we all need. I can rejoice in others successes even greater than mine but I choose His way to make it mine. As Andy writes often I think that’s the test of rest.

    1. Hi John. I love what you said, “I choose His way to make it mine”. God is so kind to offer us these opportunities to be reminded of His ways. Blessings to you. Lisa

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