We have a dream of one million business people, demonstrating a partnership with God at work.

The tangible Presence of God is the distinguishing feature that causes you to stand out. It’s not compulsory, it is an invitation. Do you want it?

Jesus didn’t just die for us to get to Heaven. He died for us to partner with Him and bring Heaven to earth. He wants to see our cities become fully alive.

For that to happen the economic engine of our cities must thrive, and that means you and I must thrive in our place of work.

So… Is there a way to access Heaven in your daily work?

How do you get God’s solutions to your problems?

Where can you find others genuinely walking the same journey?

We took a step and connected with some local businesses who were hungry to experience more of the Presence and power of God daily.

The results started to grow. We heard stories of everyday people discovering a God who is more than willing to engage in everyday life. A God who is an expert in every field and occupation.

We called this Heaven in Business, an initiative of Bethel Church in Redding, CA that exists to equip you to demonstrate the Presence and power of God at work. The benefits overflow from the boardroom to the bedroom, and everywhere in between!



We now have curriculum, conferences, local gatherings, and annual executive spiritual retreats.

Check out the testimonies posted daily and watch the introductory video below.


Heaven in Business Online

Watch the introductory video to our online training platform that will equip you with the beliefs, application and like-minded community to grow with God at work. Find out more or sign up at

Download a one page flyer here.

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The Performance of Rest

Most people think resting in peace is only inscribed on your tombstone when you die. God offered, and Jesus modeled, something different—a lifestyle of rest and peace.

Full Teaching: Watch or Listen

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