Have you or someone you know been conned into an investment or service or scheme that turned out to be not what you were originally sold?

Have you ever had a team member, team leader, colleague or employee who spoke, walked and seemed to reflect the same values as you, only to later find out under pressure there was another person living inside?

“Bill Johnson referred me to you as someone to invest in my crypto-currency startup. I am incredibly awesome and we will make 4x return in first month and I want to give you 50%…”

That might sound obviously bogus to you but you would be surprised how many different versions of the same thing come up to my face or across my email correspondence.

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I have people approaching to me with business opportunities or investment requests to pass on to my network. I have learned the hard way that people will leverage my reputation or weakness to gain access to resources.

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1

Many false prophets (FALSE VOICES) will show up, especially if you have something good going on. Many false voices, appearing as God’s voice. So how do you know what is true and what is not?

MANY of them ie. not just one in a crowd every now and then, multiple!

APPEAR as of God ie. they look, smell, sound like real thing.

You only truly find out what is in people when you go through challenges, disagreements, conflict, delay… (PRESSURE) over a period of time.

So how can you test the spirit of a person before you have fully committed to something significant with them?

Jesus didn’t take everyone who chose Him, who showed up at the right time, or even appeared to be awesome. He told them to follow Him, He kept walking, and only committed himself to them, choosing them, after praying all night.

1. YOU choose your people.

YOU recruit your people. Be careful when a team member recruits you. YOU LEAD! YOU DECIDE.

2. ASK the Father WHO you should choose.

Don’t assume what you see on paper or hear in an interview is the right person for you. ASK.

So how do you TEST the spirit of a person?

What do you look for? What are flags that you should be concerned about?

Doesn’t love cover a multitude of wrongs…? Doesn’t love believe the best and move forward into beautiful things until everyone is operating at their best and we can sit around holding hands and hugging watching all the good that has happened?

Love does cover. Love ALSO confronts a lot of wrongs… without disconnecting from the person.

But that is not all….

Love covers wrongs and bad character and sin. SO DOES power, position, promise and money.

When you are in a situation about to step into some great deal, some great promise, some great position, it is scary how often we turn a blind eye (or ‘cover’) a multitude of wrongs – a multitude of internal alarm bells going off saying “something is wrong here.” We tend to allow the big promise or prophetic word or position of the person or [insert your vulnerability here] to blind us to the nagging sense SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT HERE.

So be wise. Wisdom is found in a multitude of advisors and this is ESPECIALLY the case when looking to bring someone into/onto your team. Check the references. Test the relationships, especially when they drop names. Ask direct, candid questions of the referees. Ask for examples of walking through challenging situations.

Ultimately, if you have a check or hesitation (lack of peace) in your spirit then DON’T MORE FORWARD. It could simply be a timing or need for more information. It could also be something much worse that your spirit is picking up… LISTEN.

Who has been the most consistent and reliable person or voice around you to give advice? Listen to them! For me that is #1 The voice of God followed closely by #2 The voice of my wife.

What about you?

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