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| Andy Mason

Self publishing a book is an interesting journey. After six months of having the book out we have finally collected a bunch of endorsements. The most fun ones were those we didn’t even have to ask for. One person walked up to us at a conference and said his world had been so rocked by our book…”If you want an endorsement Id love to write one for you…” That was a no-brainer!

The endorsements are below. Also, watch out over the next month for Dream Culture to come out as an e-book (Kindle) and also Cultura de Sueños :  Haciendo Realidad los Sueños (Spanish translation).

Andy and Janine Mason bring a profound workbook and tool that is one part life coach, one part counselor, and a major direction builder in your relationship to your life and destiny. I read the book 3 times the first month I got it and it changed the way I minister to people because of its insight. Anyone who is in transition or in need of greater direction or doesn’t have specific ideas of how to pursue dreams should read this book. It will really help you journey through a deliberate process of thinking that is both biblical based and inspirationally triggered. I give this book my highest recommendation for the subject.

Shawn Bolz – Senior Pastor of Expression58 in Los Angeles and Author of Keys To Heaven’s Economy and The Nonreligious Guide to Dating


Your revitalized dreams are the flash-point for an ever- growing, wonder-filled life. The first step is to know that your dreams and God’s Will are on the same page and then to follow proven pathways. Andy and Janine are your personal, Life Dream Sherpas that guide you along the journey.  Dream Culture simplifies your process and empowers you for success.  Team Mason lives the dream every day and is a great, ongoing source of inspiration to our entire team.  We thank them for their character and their anointed work.

Rick Sbrocca – Founder of Spiritus Solutions and author of God and Business (due early 2012)


Living in a Dream Culture is learning to partner with God’s hopes for your life.  I have witnessed this first in my middle school.  Through the introduction of the principals in this book to my students I have watched hope arise.  My middle school has experienced a truly positive culture shift.  The Dream Culture released my student’s to set their sights high, celebrate others dreams, and be a positive influence to those around them.  I highly recommend this book to those that want to partner with God.

H. Don Mayer – Principal, Bethel Christian School, Redding, California.


Surveys show that nearly eighty-five percent of Christians live passive, unfulfilled lives.  That’s about to change!  Dream Culture by Andy and Janine is a transformational dream coaching tool to help you release the dream God has placed in your heart.  As a dreamer, everything I need is in this book to help me become a greater history-maker and world-changer.”

Leif Hetland – Founder and President – Global Mission Awareness and author of Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes


As a  powerful last days tool, Dream Culture teaches you how to put feet to your dreams and positions and equips you to literally walk them out with character, intentionality, effectiveness and victory!  I love the supernatural aspect of all the amazing testimonies of God intervening and making the dreams He’s put within people a tangible reality. This is a book that will activate hope and if you and your dreams have fallen off the hope train as of late, here is your ticket back on!

Lori Byrne
 – Co-Founder of Love After Marriage Workshops


We always say to our clients, ‘Don’t die wondering what might have been possible. Step out and have a red hot go!’ This timely book opens up your heart and mind to what God has on offer for you, and gives you practical strategies for getting the rubber on the road. Dream Culture needs to be in your personal toolbox. Buy a copy for your best friend as well.

Steve & Tara Connell – Kingdom Business Builders, New Zealand


Andy and Janine Mason’s Dream Culture is a catalytic book to help people understand what their dreams are, what is hindering their fulfillment and what is needed to live the “dream life” that God has ordained for each one  of us. The whole book is great, but the dream activity questions at the end of each chapter are worth the price of the book alone. This is a must read for for those who desire to reach their full potential in life.”

Steve Backlund – Global Legacy and Ignited Hope, author of Victorious Mindsets and Cracks in the Foundation.


Andrew and Janine have written an outstanding book that will be a real help towards the fulfillment of many peoples dreams! Do you want to actually live your dreams? Then read this book and put it into practice. Many writers and speakers have set out to encourage and inspire people to dream but there are few who have been able to articulate the “how” – the Mason’s have gone the extra mile by showing us the “how”. This book is intensely personal and practical. On a personal note, one question from the author propelled me towards the fulfillment of a lifetime dream and adventure. For this I am forever grateful.

Lao Da Ge – Pastor, China


Dreams are not about unreal expectations or only faith driven desires. Without them our life is senseless, lacking purpose, reduced only to routine and control. God has given a dream to each of us since He created us. Living and dreaming imply risk and there is no safety net when we jump. We do not know all that is along the way or at the end, but God’s knows because He is already there. In Dream Culture, Andy and Janine dig into this risk taking area of purposeful living. God wants us to leave our comfort zone’s to make a difference. Andy and Janine are aligned with Gods purpose of building a community of dreamers, a new culture, where dreams can be achieved one step at the time, recovering the joy of life and sense of purpose. This book is an important seed in a new field of unleashing the power of people’s dreams.

Juan Carlos Flores Zuniga – President and Co-founder of Liderinnova Foundation, Costa Rica


Dream Culture is a gamechanger. It will undoubtedly assist you in fulfilling your life’s dreams. This treasure tool can free you to realize more of your God-given potential, and embark you on a journey of living your dream with the nurture and affirmation of a supportive culture. Dream discovery and realization happens in community with those who share your dream–with those people who see more in you than you can see in yourself. Andy and Janine model living their dream, and with Dream Culture, provide you with a world class vehicle that is sure to become a classic.”

Robert ‘Bud’ Hancock – Founder and Chairman of Providence International Foundation, USA


This book totally changed the trajectory of our lives. My wife, Robbie, attended a Dream Culture presentation and received coaching from Janine. After 33 years of marriage and my involvement in business, Robbie fulfilled her dream of becoming my business partner. This book not only changed our marriage and our business, but it also brought us into a deeper level of covenant in marriage. Dare to be a dream!

Mike Frank – Founder of Frank Consulting and author of Prosperity with a Purpose. 


How has Dream Culture helped you on your Dream Journey?

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