Dream Culture

Make a Dream List

What is stopping you starting on your own Dream List right now? Why not take a pen and a piece of paper and begin to write down your dreams in whatever order they come to you. Here’s a blank Dream List to give a template for you to record your dreams. Dream List Template

The first step to discovering your dreams is to know you have permission to dream. You were designed in the image and likeness of the greatest dreamer in all creation – God. You got your dreaming ability from Him. When you dream and make your dreams a reality you are demonstrating your nature as His son or daughter.

Here’s the next steps:

  • Find the place that works best for you to be creative. It may be that you are inspired by a quiet place by a stream, or it may be the energy of your favorite coffee shop that gets your creative juices flowing. Find the time and space that works for you.
  • Connect with the Father. Your Heavenly Father designed you to dream and wants to help reawaken and increase that ability. When you are seated in Heavenly places you are not limited by the restrictions you feel are imposed on you by your circumstances. This is the place to dream. Take some time to become more aware of Him than your current situation. With Him there is no fear, no limitation, no lack. Ask God to show you how He sees you, then dream from that place.
  • Set your mind on things above. Consciously choose to set your mind to operate from Heaven’s perspective where nothing is impossible! At this point, don’t think about how you will achieve your dream or you will likely discount things that seem out of reach. Keep at the forefront of your mind that things that now seem impossible may later be achieved. Write down all the dreams that come to mind and sift them later. Remember it is your list so you can change or amend it at any time.
  • Ask yourself questions.
    • Who do I want to be?
    • What things do I want to do?
    • What things do I want to have?
    • Alternatively, ask yourself what experiences have you had where you felt fully alive, powerful, free? What were the ingredients of that experience? How could you have more of that in the future?
  • Consider the above questions in these different categories: physical, financial, emotional, spiritual and legacy dreams
  • Here are some other questions to help get you started:
    • How would I live if I were fearless? What would I do if I were ten times more courageous?
    • If money were no object, what would I do?
    • What would my perfect day be like? What would it involve doing? Who would it be with? Where would I be?
    • How would I live if I believed that nothing was impossible?
  • Next just start writing out your dreams. Go for 100! And make sure at least 25% of them are impossible. You were born to demonstrate that nothing is impossible – just like your Heavenly Father!

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Whatever you thought was the limit to your number of dreams, stretch yourself by doubling that number and reaching for more. You will be surprised by how much is really inside you!