Find and Steward Divine Connections 002

| Andy Mason

Everyone wants a superpower. One of mine is Divine connections. Last blog I shared some stories highlighting the difference between good connections and Divine connections. With Divine connection the result is 1 + 1 = 1,000. We experienced that again over the weekend. Here’s what happened…


As the result of the Divine connection mentioned last blog, I was invited to be part of a copywriting and marketing academy (NOT a church conference). I was invited to bring a team of Jesus-following business people who could do more than talk about it. It was AWESOME. Not only did we learn from one of the best copywriting trainers in the country, we got to see what happens when Jesus gets let out of the box at work.

One guest had recently had surgery on his big toe to remove a spur that was causing pain and restricted movement. The surgery had failed. But Dr. Jesus showed up at a business conference (without anyone specifically praying) and the guy ended up removing his shoes to check out if the changes he experienced were for real. Yep. Jesus just busted out of church and into business. Good business!

Another guest had sharp pain at the point of his belly button. The pain was to the extent he had wondered if he should cancel his trip. He knew it wasn’t gallstones or appendicitis because those parts had been removed during a previous surgery. He was concerned what was wrong. During the second day of the copywriting academy he felt inspired to ask for prayer. So he did. And again Jesus showed up demonstrating that miracles are for today and are not limited to a pulpit or special service. Instantly he felt the pain leave and he tested it out by doing crunches on the floor. Two days later he again testified that there was zero pain.

There were more results than I will take the time to mention here including people hearing from God, dealing with limiting beliefs, overcoming fear, and experiencing overwhelming peace. AND I believe I made some new Divine connections who are more than willing to come to my home city and add their strength to raise our small-town expectations and capacity to grow great business.

Needless to say this is the first of many business workshops and seminars that will offer guests the option of also experiencing what God can do at work. It’s just good business!

Did I know this was a Divine connection the first time we spoke? No. It certainly was a favorable connection but I didn’t know it was Divine until I saw some of the 1 + 1 = 1,000 results. In the first instance it was Parkinson’s symptoms reducing to zero. The connections and results over this most recent experience confirmed that even more. My life is better. Their life is better AND many others have been greatly benefitted also.

So, how did I steward the connection? I set aside time. I kept the connection going over a period of months. I invited their input/advice and ACTED on the advice. I took the initiative. I shared appreciation.

I will outline some of the practical tools and processes I use to steward connections in a future blog.

Next blog I will unpack four beliefs and behaviors that set you up to succeed in finding YOUR Divine connections.


6 thoughts on “Find and Steward Divine Connections 002”

  1. This is so wonderful to hear Andy. I am rebranding my company. I am a coach and i help people heal from trauma. I always point people towards Jesus and I am looking for a copywriter for my new website. I prayed to God to help me find a copy writer that would understand and love Jesus. Perhaps this is my divine connection, opening your email and reading your blog. In 10 minutes I am speaking with a copywriter to see what they have to say but I would love it if you could point me to a Christian! Blessings…

    1. Hi Benji, the parkinsons symptoms were slight shaking of the hands, cloudy thinking and fatigue. I am sure there is more detail. Contact me if you want to know more.

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