Find and Steward Divine Connections 003

| Andy Mason

Divine connections. It’s what happens when you stumble into a connection set up by the Maker of the Universe. ANYTHING becomes possible. Check out the testimonies from previous blogs. So how do YOU prepare for Divine connections? Here are four internal beliefs and behaviors to get you started…

1. A belief that it is God who promotes

God opens doors for you. When that happens, nothing can close them. If I am the one to open the door then I have to keep it open. If I am pushing and promoting myself out of fear of missing out or trying to grab connections, people can smell it a mile away. That behavior repels rather than attracts. As Mike Kim says, seek to serve people rather than sell to them and you will be on the right path.

My part is to be easily promotable. The person with excellent ability and experience will stand before kings (see Proverbs 22). So I get to develop excellence in my craft. Learn, develop, grow, improve, practice, practice, practice. I also get to develop character so that when the doors open, I don’t behave my way out of it. I choose to grow in integrity and great work ethic when no one is watching.

2. A behavior that elevates the status of others

Every person that received Jesus, that valued the connection, left more powerful, more energized, more elevated in status than before. If we want Divine connections we are to embrace that same belief and behavior.

As much as it depends on me, I purpose to add value to everyone I connect with, regardless of what they do (or don’t do) in return. What can I bring to this connection that will add value to their life?

The least I can do is to encourage and be grateful for who they are and what they contribute.

3. Seek first to understand – “I want to learn from you”

This belief requires humility. It requires that I go in to listen rather than grab the space so that I can fill it with me, me, me. You have twice as many ears as you have mouth. Use them in proportion!

Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less. If you are a brand new graduate and you are meeting with a CEO, it is NOT humility to take the lower position…. You have NO position. It IS humility when you are equally, or more experienced (perhaps in a different field) than the one you are meeting, and yet you choose to say less, ask more, and draw more out of the other person.

If you aren’t skilled in the right questions to ask, check out Tony Stoltzfus resource called ‘Coaching Questions‘. Also consider shadowing someone else or asking others what questions would be great to ask. The easiest way to start is “How did you get to be doing what you do?” and “What has been your greatest success and your greatest challenge?”

4. Seek first to Serve – “How can I help you?”

Approach the connection with no hidden agenda. Be open about why you are meeting/making the connection. An ancient proverb says, “He who has grace on his lips (your speech elevates the status of others) and a pure heart (no hidden agenda), the king will be his friend.”

The more authentic you are the better the meeting will go.

You may not think you are serving them but in asking them questions, showing gratitude, and coming fully prepared (what can you find out about them before meeting?) you may be surprised. Everyone feels a need to pass on legacy or learning to others and everyone has a story. In approaching them you are giving opportunity for them to share their story.

Be generous (you pay for lunch or coffee or even a gift of appreciation for their time).

Another great way to serve is to come prepared with a word of encouragement by asking God for His thoughts towards them. God’s thoughts towards us are as many as the grains of sand on the seashore, and they are good! So pause beforehand and simply ask God, “How do you see this person? What do you feel towards them? What thought would you like me to share with them?” Pause and write down the thoughts that come to mind. Be wise about what to share, when to share and what language to use (ie. don’t use church language).

What’s next?

These are four internal beliefs driving a set of behaviors that enhance connection. Next blog I will outline three super practical tools I use to turn the connection into a lasting relationship.

6 thoughts on “Find and Steward Divine Connections 003”

  1. Thankyou Andy for sharing these nuggets and are there any events you are running or attending in Europe in the near future?
    If not I just want to let you know that my husband and are are coming to Bethel sometime next year and are wondering when would be a good time in order to laern form yourselves?
    Every Blessing and increased favour Jacqui and Chris

  2. Thank you God for this message, it came in the right timing!And thank you Andy and Janine in being Gods messengers!

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