Find and Steward Divine Connections

| Andy Mason

What are Divine Connections? When God gave out superpowers I think he gave me connect-ability. My friends, family and colleagues are continually astounded by the people and connections I literally stumble into. I am recognizing more and more that this is so far beyond my own ability to achieve, it is CLEARLY the grace of God. And the good news for you is that I can give it away. Here’s how…

Networking ideas

It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that knowing the right person can slingshot you into places you want to be. Connections are like gold. They can open up markets, give you platform, mentoring, advice, encouragement and much more.


Recently I was at Disneyland with my family. I had messed up our ONE, early-morning access day so I was the ‘evil one’ and we were waiting in line with a million others waiting to rush the rides. As we were waiting I got talking to one of the attendants. In the course of conversation they asked me about what we were doing in USA and how we even got to be here from New Zealand. When I shared the story they were visibly impacted. Next thing they spontaneously say “Is that your family? Quietly bring them over here and I’ll let you in.” THAT is favor and connection.

Divine Connections

A DIVINE connection does even more. Where a connection is like 1 + 1 = 2 (or three or four!), a divine connection makes 1 + 1 = 1,000 (and more!).

When we were about to launch Heaven in Business Online a friend suggested I get copywriting/marketing help and referred two people to me. I felt more drawn to one (from comparing the respective websites) so reached out not knowing what this would even look like. The copywriter responded saying he knew who I was because I life-coached his son at Bethel School of Ministry! That boosts the connection!

Next he says that he charges $25-100k for a new project launch and is not looking for any more work…. But if I send through some content he will have a quick look and we can have a phone conversation.

My entire budget was $90k for the year so we certainly were not able to employ him but I was excited about our upcoming conversation. I sent through some audio content and a copy of God With You at Work.

A few days later I received an early-morning email. He had been woken by the Holy Spirit in the middle of the night and instructed to read the book and listen to the content I sent him. He did it in one sitting, was greatly impacted to the point that he noticed his Parkinsons symptoms reduce to zero. Wow. THAT is a divine connection.

Needless to say he is wanting to work with us in any way possible and the budget won’t be a problem.

This DIVINE connection continued over the subsequent three years to the point at which right now I am traveling to be a speaker at his annual copywriting/marketing conference. It is not a spiritual event but I get to present an optional ‘spiritual’ session over the weekend. ALSO I get to bring a team with me who will be available on-demand to the guests for prayer or spiritual blessing…. It is going to be Divine!

There is More…

So how do you find a Divine connection? And even more so, what do you do when you have found one?

Next week’s blog I will outline internal and external beliefs and behaviors that are proven to work.

14 thoughts on “Find and Steward Divine Connections”

  1. Hi Andy!

    It was great to connect at the conference. I sometimes feel that meeting you was the sole reason why I attended the conference! What an awesome God we serve! And what an amazing and life changing ministry!

    I pray that the Lord continues to open more doors of ministry for you around the world!

  2. So fun!!! I love reading this and am thankful for your voice in our lives and businesses!
    I’m also thankful for the gift of connectedness. I have others and yet LOVE seeing your at work!!!

  3. And I was one who was blessed by your words and your prayers at that conference last weekend. And blessed by your gift of your book. And looking forward to introducing you to someone who can provide another great opportunity for you to take the stage and share your story and the Heaven in Business mission.

    I pray that God provides you with many more meaningful connections and hope to get you to our event next year. Peace to you and yours.

  4. Thanks Andy this resonates well and thanks for the cliffhanger moment.. We will connect … watching this space ! Blessings Jacqui

  5. I pray that I too am divinely connected to the right people and will have favor. Great article, thank you for posting!

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