Mandate to Multiply

| Andy Mason

A couple weeks ago, just before going to sleep, I was complaining to my wife about the seeming never-ending-increase in what it costs to fully provide for our household. The dog needed vaccination. The growing kids keep needing new clothes. My son goes through shoes as if he was wearing cheese. Braces. School fees. Dance fees. Doctor visits…

Permission to Prosper

I am way more relaxed than a couple years ago. This will be ok. I was just expressing frustration at the conflict going on between my desire for more surplus and the reality of what was in my bank account at the end of the year.

My wife simply offered a solution…

“What if you took on a couple more advisory clients? That would easily take care of it.”

I blew off the suggestion. Did I really want to work more?

She followed up with, “So what you are saying is that [a mentor of mine] is more interested in our financial future than you are.”


[This mentor had been suggesting intentionally taking on advisory clients for a couple of years.]

I wisely suggested that we shelve the conversation til the next day (I have learned that 10pm is never a good time to start a ‘discussion’).

Needless to say, the owie question got me thinking…

Why hadn’t I pursued this opportunity for the last two years?

I had some good reasons….  um…  excuses.

“I was focussing all my attention on building Heaven in Business online…”

“I was already doing some advisory services… just not being paid…”

“I felt hesitant about promoting myself…”

Ah, what’s behind that?

“I don’t feel confident in my ability to genuinely add value…”

It’s easy to have someone approach me and ask for my advisory services. That is simply leaning on their belief in me.

It’s another thing for me to promote myself. That would require me to believe in myself!

Dang. Ive got some self-limiting beliefs going on!

But what if I go deeper? What’s really behind my lack of pursuit for what I believe God has called me to and that which I am actually really good at?

I paused as I journalled and suddenly heard a thought (it was probably God).

“Do I really have permission to prosper?”

OMG! Where did that come from?

Without realizing it I (still) had some wrong ideas about God and prosperity and abundance that were directly affecting my financial wellbeing. As a result I started recognizing where I had deferred or passed on opportunities God had sent me. I was self-sabotaging my family wellbeing.


So how’s that working for you? What are you going to do?

I don’t just have permission to prosper; I have a mandate to multiply (see Genesis 1:28).

Also, I just happen to have received the draft copy of a book about to be published by Ray Edwards. It’s called…. Permission to Prosper!

So what am I going to do?

1. Repent

Repent from limiting thinking. Change my thinking to what God’s thinking is around the wellbeing of my family and His prosperity.

Read up on what the bible says about prosperity. It’s amazing how much bad teaching there is. You have to go back to the original source.

Read the book that was already in my hands – Permission to Prosper by Ray Edwards (sorry, you will have to wait til May 2018 or check out his posts).

2. Refocus

I have been passive, waiting on God to do something that He has empowered me to do. I have been thinking about miracles and feeding the 5,000 rather than focussing on what is already in my hand, regardless of how small it may seem (see Matthew 14:15-21).

I have more than enough to focus now on that I have avoided, deferred or ignored. It’s time to do it.

What about you? What will you do as a result of reading this?

We are launching Heaven in Business advisory services. I will be one of the team. We will post more about that shortly. In the meantime I made myself accountable to Ray and here’s what he said about the value of what I contributed to his team. Perhaps it’s time for me to act!

(P.S. If you want to be first in line to know more about this new service, register your interest by emailing Simply put “Advisory Services” in the subject line.)

Ray Edwards Endorses Andy Mason

8 thoughts on “Mandate to Multiply”

  1. I was pondering the Lord of the Breakthrough. I want to propose that we are living from Breakthrough not waiting for breakthrough. I believe that once we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior we entered the breaking through of our lives. The Lord in all his glory crashed into our lives and we experienced a spiritual break through in receiving Gods love. Let me explain.

    Definition of Breakthrough: A sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development.

    This my friends is the break through moment when we received Christ Jesus. The sudden discovery of Gods love in our lives is the moment of break through. Gods love washed over us and our sins were cleansed as white as snow. This is the moment the break through began. Imagine a tiny green shoot of new growth bursting forth from the earth. This is the moment the seed sprouted and broke through the dirt and reached the glorious sunlight coming from heaven above. This is us. The green shoot that wants to grow, be watered, and have deep roots in God. This is the break through.

    Many in the Church are waiting for break through. I want to propose that we are living in the breakthrough. God broke through our lives with his love and since then we have been breaking through into maturity. Learning, growing, following, and breaking through enemy territories. We have been advancing and reaching new heights in understanding the glorious freedom of the sons and daughters. Every step we take, every move we make is breaking through in a momentum of Gods presence in our lives. This is the break through, small steps, small growths, big leaps in the spirit.

    I want to propose the break through is not some catalyst moment that we are waiting for. The catalyst moment happened at our conversion from death to life. That moment started the movement in the spirit breaking through love into our hearts. We never arrive at break through. We are continually breaking through and growing in love everyday. We break through in small increments just like the growth of tree. You really cannot see the tree growing everyday. But when you measure the tree over time it is growing and reaching greater heights incrementally.

    Lets not be dissatisfied with small steps in God. The breakthrough is happening each and every day as we walk with God and listen to his voice. Walking in peace each day is a breakthrough. Walking in love without offense is breakthrough. Walking in forgiveness is a breakthrough. Walking in joy is a breakthrough today!

    Break through is already here, we are growing in God.

  2. Andy, enjoyed your perspective. Life has a way of getting your attention but God always brings you back.(My thoughts) Will add and ask how many times have you thought of the situation you presented? But you managed and for me God has a way of being there at those times. I’ve been there.

  3. Andy, Great stuff as always especially as spoken through our “helpers” & “better halves” or do 2 wholes make one married couple ?

    Regardless, I do believe that you will enrich more with your advisory mantle. I am not ready,, yet. However, it would be disingenuous to not acknowledge the benefits I have gotten by the brief scans of your blogs & testimonies coming through the pipeline you & God have created.

    One thing Jesus said to me and it can chime to you as well, “Buying Time”. This was in response to my regrets of lost business opportunities of several past seasons in my life. Jesus, the restorer- similar to when he told Simon Peter & associates to go out again to get what they wanted & hoped for, some fish. Other applications are there,too. But for me it was having a friend like Jesus to help me to rise from a defeated battle to win the war. I will seek God’s answer if another of my arsenal to fight my business battles is to have counsel by Holy Spirit through you. Peace & Joy Forevermore, keith

    1. Thanks so much Keith! I love the Simon and Associates example. That’s the story I heard for this year. Areas we felt we worked hard but didnt hit the numbers to get out there and go again listening to his voice. Watch this space!

      1. Andy, in my reference of this in John chapter 21, I reviewed again the whole chapter and Chapter 20 because it appears Simon Peter & Associates followed the instructions of the stranger (having been given the Holy Spirit in John 20:22, but these times after Jesus’ death, He “manifested” -NASB version term 21:1). The group fiollowed the instructions in 21:6, but it appears in verse 7 after they got the reward of acting upon the advice they were given- Jesus reveals himself. It does not change the fact that Jesus is a true friend & caring Lord whether giving peace or business advice along with abundance (verse 9, Jesus already made some breakfast but with some the large fish, it can be a feast vs. happy meal). What had you gotten? There is a lot more than just new business here and what we can share with others. Peace & Joy Forevermore, keith

        1. Good stuff Keith. I was looking at the earlier version of Simon and Associates – the first time Jesus says launch out into the deep when they had fished all night and hadn’t hit their targets. There’s areas we have worked and haven’t hit our targets. Jesus saying get back out there and go again with a slightly different focus and mindset. See Luke 5.

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