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We are igniting practical hope in individuals and organizations around the world.


Strength: Everywhere we or our resources go, people are empowered toward personal and community transformation. From poverty to generosity. Spiritual and practical. Barrier: Many of those we can reach have the motivation but not the resources to step out of poverty and into greater measures of freedom and empowerment. We cannot do this alone.


 Opportunity: We can go, send and collaborate with other like-minded organizations. We can multiply and translate resources, training, and tools that result in life-changing experiences. Our Goal: Place tools in the hands of every community that results in personal, city and regional transformation. The outcome is cities fully alive – living out their intended purpose.

Through The Hope Directive, you are transforming lives from the inside out.
Andy + Janine
I can't begin to tell how encouraged and full of hope I am after the meetings. It provided so much clarity, direction, and peace to me. Thanks!
Le Roi, Businessman, South Africa