What are YOU Fighting for?

| Andy Mason

Recently I read an email from and the question he asked brought such clarity for me I thought I would share it directly with you. He wrote this in the context of business and marketing, but it applies to every area of our lives:

“How clearly do you know what you are doing and why you are doing it? If you asked an American politician in 1860 what all the saber-rattling between the North and the South was about, you’d probably get a complex answer about “states’ rights”. Or he might ramble on about the question of whether the Union was a permanent and indivisible contract or merely a loose confederation that could be dissolved at will.


But ask a typical American on the street today what it was about and you’ll get the real answer. It was about slavery.

The complex arguments about “states’ rights” and the “definition of the Union”, while important, were not what the conflict was about at its simplest and most profound level.

Six hundred thousand people would not have given their lives for complex, constitutional arguments.

But they would and did die for the simple, yet profound cause of “setting the captives free.” Independence. Democracy. Freedom.

President Lincoln knew this simple message had to be articulated. His Gettysburg Address and The Emancipation Proclamation, were his attempt to bring clarity to the message. THIS is what we’re fighting for…

All men are created equal…People are not property.

That’s a message people can get behind. Defend. Fight for. Die for.

So, what are you fighting for?

Whatever it is, you better be able to state it in simple terms, because simplification is, and always has been, the most powerful weapon in business and in all areas of life.

A couple quick and simple examples from my own life [Andy]…

1. I am leading an initiative called Heaven in Business. It involves training in the school of ministry, local gatherings and classes and global workshops and travel. Every day I can get buried in emails and to-do lists. Unless I clearly know for myself and communicate to those around me what it is I’m fighting for, I will lose the war through distraction and be buried under a mountain of tiny tasks. Keep it simple. What am I fighting for? What is success? How do I know I am winning? Am I advancing today… this week?

What: Equip believers in the marketplace with keys to build a culture that hosts the Presence of God in every day life.

Why: The Presence of God is THE source of all increase, wisdom, power, peace… eternal life. Jesus modeled it. We have yet to fully experience what He paid for in ALL of life.

2. I am married with four children rapidly growing into teenagers and young adults. Without realizing it, my attention at home can be easily distracted by never ending work (people) concerns or my desire to avoid responsibility for a moment, unwind and bury myself in some mindless electronic game. Both of those can distract me from what I am fighting for… unless I remind myself continually. What is success for me in my family life?

What? Lovingly train my children to succeed [beyond me] in every area of life with eternity in mind [victorious Kingdom mindsets and values].

Why? Eternity is a long time if separated. Advancing the Kingdom is life’s mandate. Love is my measure of success.

So, Perry gave two questions that I answered for myself and here they are [adapted]  for you:

1. What’s your one goal for next week?

Can you simplify what you’d like to accomplish next week into one simple sentence? What are you fighting for NEXT WEEK?

2. What steps can you take to make it happen?

What do you need to do in order to make your life simpler? What waste or distractions can you get rid of? Who can you make yourself accountable to? What will you DO and NOT DO to advance for your cause in work, life, love, mission, calling…DREAMS?

Get crystal clear on what you’re “fighting” for…and then apply that simplification to what your daily and weekly life.

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