When Desire is Fulfilled

| Andy Mason

One of my random desires (or dreams of the heart) was to experiment with what happens when the Presence of God is released in the New York Stock Exchange. Earlier this year that dream came true and as it says in Proverbs 13:12, it became a tree of life to many.

New York Dream Fulfilled

Together with Blake and Linda Schellenberg, Eric Hess and Antje Jordan, I took a team of 21 Heaven in Business track students from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry to New York’s Finance District. We sent teams into the NYSE, prayed for individual business leaders, met with marketplace business groups, did a Heaven in Business workshop and did random acts of hope throughout Manhattan and the harbor. The overall outcome was life being released everywhere we went. Not only that but we were so encouraged and inspired ourselves that Ive already received numerous requests from the team as to when we can return. We have been ruined for ‘normal.’ A desire fulfilled truly is a tree of life.

Below are some highlight testimonies of our trip. They are written as bite-size testimonies so you can copy and paste them to spread the good news.

4.9.13 Presence Invades NYSE

Group of business revivalists went to the New York Stock Exchange with the question “What happens when the Presence of God (peace) is released in Wall St?” They had amazing favor to go throughout the building, onto the podium and into the board room to release “Peace to this house” (see Luke 10:5, 6). They were invited to pray for individuals who received healing, prophetic words, encouragement, refreshing and a general release of hope. At the same time the Dow Jones broke out of it’s rising plane to reach record highs three days in a row. The USA today reported “..the Dows revival” (see USA Today article ). CNN Money reported “All three indexes had one of their best weeks of the year… there hasn’t been any one catalyst pushing stocks higher lately” (see CNN Money). Even the weather was dramatically different from the previous week’s mid 40’s to mid 70’s! #godlovesbusiness

A group of business revivalists visited the NYSE on an ‘educational’ tour. As word got around people started to ask for prayer. One trader was about to get therapy on his neck. He had a stable fracture in his C2 vertebrae. He got the businessmen to follow him outside so they could pray unrestricted. If he turned to the right he had pain of a 7/10. The three businessmen prayed once and the pain immediately dropped to a 4/10. They prayed a second time and the pain completely disappeared. The trader stood back visibly impacted, moving his neck freely and saying “Ive never felt this before… I feel a warmth inside.”

Another trader had pain in his thigh/hamstring. After prayer and a prophetic word he tried to test his leg to make it hurt. When he couldn’t find any pain he said…. “this is weird!” #notweird #newnormal

4.9.13 Marketplace Leader Healed of Back Pain

Business revivalists met with marketplace group in New York and went in to NYSE to pray and release peace into the heart of America’s finance industry. The marketplace leader (ex NYSE trader) was struggling with back pain to the point of not being able to communicate clearly and about to leave. One of the business team offer to pray for him and found out one of his legs was shorter than the other. His left leg grew out 3/4 ” and all back pain disappeared.  He tried to make it hurt again and he couldn’t. This was so good because he was the one setting up prayer for everyone else on floor of NYSE and got encounter with God for himself when he was least expecting it.

4.9.13 Revival in Restaurant

Group of business people were out to dinner Junior’s Cheesecakes, Times Square, NYC. By the end of the meal the waitress wanted to know who they were and what they were up to in New York. They mentioned they were business ministry school students and they were here to visit and pray for business people. They then gave the example/ testimony of a NYSE trader healed from C2 stable fracture. She was amazed. They asked her if she had pain and she didn’t so they asked if they could tell her what the Father saw in her. She asked if that was psychic. They said no it was Jesus, so she let them speak into her identity. They saw picture of her being held by a father who was rocking and crying with delight over her. She said she never had a father. They continued to speak Father’s blessing and then dropped a 50% tip into the mix. She was rocked. They then asked if there were any of her colleagues who had physical pain. She left to find server who had a busted cruciate ligament. They asked him if he had heard the testimony from the stock exchange. He said no so they asked waitress to tell him. She did! Then they prayed and prophesied over him and the pain in his knee dropped while his mobility increased.

4.11.13 Divine Business

Two business revivalists in the insurance industry had a business meeting in New York. One was from the West coast and the other had responsibility for northeast portion of US market. He took over the Manhattan office in 2011. Of the 56 offices in the northeast, Manhattan was the worst. But a year after taking it over, Manhattan became office of the year. All he did different was “God I’ve got to experience your kingdom in this office” and would pray each morning before people arrived. The west coast business revivalist had a word for him: “Holy Spirit wants you to know your sleepless nights will stop now.” He began to weep. He had been diagnosed with a condition of a racing heart and the previous three nights hadn’t been able to sleep. Last 5-10mins of their business meeting was spent just praying in tongues and enjoying the Presence and peace of God.

4.11.13 Log College, Great Awakening… again

Group of business revivalists visited the site of the first revivalist school in America – Warminster, PA (1726-). They rang the church bell and shouted “wakey wakey” then stood and prayed in the same room where George Whitfield, William Tennent and Gilbert Tennent discussed how to wake up America to revival. Next day they met with a group of business revivalists in New York and one of the New York group had a vision of thousands of angels racing into Manhattan from every side. Excited the group shared the wakey wakey story from the previous day. America’s third Great Awakening has already begun!

4.11.13 Insider trading

Business revivalist was praying for an ER doctor in New York. He heard the word ‘algorithm’ in his head. In spite of no connection or interpretation, businessman shares the word with the ER doctor. “God said you are going to create a new algorithm.” The doctor started smiling. He said “I’m starting a new business and the folder on my computer where all the information is kept is called algorithm because that is what I’m going to do.” #insidertrading

4.13.13 Restaurant Encounter 

Team of business revivalists were having dinner at a restaurant in NYC. Another table of middle aged women were celebrating a birthday and making just as much noise but for different reasons. Business revivalists decide to go over and give them a spiritual blessing. Turns out they are French Canadian teachers. Team just happened to have a French member so got her to bless them in French then in English with team surrounding and laying hands on their shoulders. Next thing it breaks up with groups of revivalists praying over each teacher for physical pain, marriage pain, children pain and generally releasing hope and blessing. One of the women had fibromyalgia and would wake each morning with pain and low energy. The next day the business team were having lunch at the Shake Shack in downtown NYC and literally bumped into the same women! Turns out she had woken that morning feeling great! #randomencounters

4.10.13 Building Gates and Walls

Business revivalists went to New York to seek the wellbeing of the city. They believe God wants to prosper the city by rebuilding/restoring/protecting the walls (Wall St…) and gates (places of influence and entry). Amongst other things they did a harbor tour praying over the harbor ‘gate’ and the Statue of Liberty. The boat happened to be called “Miss Gateway.” At the end of the tour they stood in Battery Park (original city defence) and prayed and blessed the city in the different national languages they represented (Korean, French, English, Mandarin, Portuguese, German, Norwegian…). The American citizens on the team repented on behalf of the nation from arrogance, superiority, and dishonor towards other nations and for rejecting the immigration mandate that the nation was founded on. Other nations released forgiveness and thanked and repented for idolizing America as Savior rather than Christ as Savior. It was a beautiful and powerful thing!

4.10.13 Random Prophetic Impact

Business revivalist was about to do treasure hunts in Grand Central Station, NYC. She has a random word of knowledge for a Fashion Designer – “Squirrels.” She argues within herself wether to give it or not… “Why not lion or eagle or something powerful?” Finally she goes to him and tells him the word and asks if it means anything to him. He immediately responds “Inheritance. God is speaking to me about inheritance.” Turns out he had just received inheritance of taxidermy squirrels from his parents who had in turn received them from their parents – squirrels = inheritance! #godknows

4.10.13 Bathroom Provision

Businesswoman with growing Executive Suites Lease business. She was short of cashflow to put in additional bathrooms due to expansion of Suites in a high rise apartment/office block. However God said “Just do the plan, the money will come.” She did the planning then opened up walls and found plumbing was already there! It had been closed up in that exact space in the wall but never used in 30yrs. Untapped resources. Plumbing only ended up costing $250. You don’t have to create it just had to tap into it.

4.10.13 President of Fashion house Overwhelmed by Voice of God

Business revivalists meet with the President of a fashion house in New York. They begin to prophesy into his identity and purpose. After 15mins, with tears in his eyes, he calls a time-out. “If you don’t stop I’m going to completely lose it.” #whoareyoupeople?

4.12.13 Back Pain Healed in Restaurant

Business revivalists out for lunch. They sit next to a couple who were about to celebrate 52 years of marriage. She was an actor and he in television. The couple ask what the group are up to in New York so the revivalists tell testimonies then ask the couple if they have any pain. Couple say “At our age you expect to have pain Dear.” Business revivalists disagree and ask where pain is and if they can pray. Few seconds later she cannot make her back hurt anymore and his hip pain is gone. Good lunch!

As you read these testimonies what happens to your own hope and faith? What’s stopping you doing the same?

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