This is a prayer crafted by Bob Perry of Integrated Prayer Solutions. He equips and connects people in prayer around the world and is based in Nashville, TN.

I encourage you to read this out loud and have communion together with your ‘shelter-at-home’ cohort.

Prayer based on 2 Chronicles 7:13-15

Lord, we come into the courts of heaven through the blood of your Son, the Lord Jesus. You are our Amazing Father, Friend, and Judge.  Our Great Mediator in the case of our sins against the Almighty God and sins against one another and against our land.

Holy God who loves us, We confess, repent, and ask for forgiveness for our sins and the sins of your church. We have followed wicked ways. Oh Mighty God, we fear and reverence Your name. 

Your Word reminds us that judgment begins in the House of God. So we come before you Holy God,

  • As your people, we have rebelled against you and your instructions. Our hearts have become dull, hard and rebellious. Forgive us, Lord.
  • As believers, we repent of forgetting You our first love. We are an undisciplined and prayerless people. We have pursued other idols like fame, sports, entertainment, financial security and worldly success.  Forgive us, Lord.
  • Lord, we your church body have become apathetic, fearful, selfish, sick and weak. We have not loved you with our whole heart. We have not loved our neighbors as ourselves. Forgive us, Lord.
  • God, we no longer hold the truth as the standard. We make our own rules. We change the boundary lines. We have sinned against you by compromising. Forgive us, Lord. 
  • Holy One, forgive us as your church for our personal immorality. We have lusted, we have looked, we have lied. We have grieved you. Forgive us, Lord.
  • Father of all, we have caused you great pain by our division in your church. We have spoken evil about our brothers and sisters. We have been jealous of others. We have been racists and nationalists. We have not loved what and whom you have created. We have let styles of worship divide us. We have let theology divide us. We have let offense divide us. We have not loved each part of your family and your body. Forgive us, Lord. 

Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy.

In Jesus’ name heal our land. Protect the fearful. Provide for the anxious. Cure the sick. Revive the church. Rejuvenate our economy. Bring the prodigals home. Reconcile families. Unite our nation.

May this be the season of the great one billion soul harvest. End the Coronavirus pandemic now in Jesus name!

For Your GLORY!


Bob Perry has an unusual passion for prayer that has resulted in him traveling to over 50 nations to study “how people pray”. He surely has a calling on his life for prayer.
He founded the Nashville House of Prayer (NHOP) after a massive prayer meeting, on 7/7/07, titled ‘The Call’ with Lou Engle.
For over 30 years, Bob has served in varying capacities as Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, Missions Director, Youth Pastor, and International Student Director.
He and his wife, Sharon of over 35 years, lived almost 12 years in Eastern Europe Latvia as missionary church planters and prayer leaders. Sharon, founded her own professional Christian dance company in Riga, Latvia and Nashville. They have four children with various interests in Arts & Entertainment and Sports.