Is there room at your table?

One conversation can change your life...

“You just wasted $500 of my time.”

That single truth-filled statement from a trusted advisor changed my life. 

We were walking out of an advisory board meeting. I had a team of highly influential and affluential advisors and the bottom line is, I didn’t know how to lead them. 

The meeting just went in circles.

It looked like the meeting would go on forever but I had a deadline so called an awkward end to the ‘discussion’ and began to walk out. One of them also had to leave so walked out with me.

As we walked down the short corridor, he said, “You just wasted $500 of my time.”

My heart sank. I knew it. Could I recover from this? What could I learn?

I asked him, “What could I have done differently?”

His answer shocked me.

“Nothing…. There’s too many different agenda’s under the table.”

That one conversation changed my life. It only happened because I had room at my table for a voice of wisdom… AND I was willing to listen and take action.

So… is there room at YOUR table?


 I work with a small number of high performing leaders. These are primarily referrals.

They are all in business and at different stages of their calling to influence cities and nations. What sets them apart is their authentic pursuit of walking with God in all of life. As a result, the impossible becomes logical. 

What is Your Preferred table? 


who you have at your table  determines what decisions are made.  

I have identified three tables where I can best add value:

  • Kitchen Table – 1:1, nothing held back, whole life success
  • Builders Table – Four individuals leveraging combined strengths

Scroll down for more details and how to setup a conversation with Andy.


What People Are Saying:

The results have been astonishing. We met our first quarter revenue goal by about 90%. And what’s remarkable is that the first quarter hasn’t started yet! Now we have to recalibrate our goals… I trace this back to what happened at that one single advisory day. It’s hard to describe the experience that you will have. It works in terms of revenue, for sure, but there is so much more; it goes so much deeper.

If you have the opportunity to engage Andy as a business advisor, I would strongly recommend you don’t hesitate.

Ray Edwards

CEO, Ray Edwards International

Being a part of Andy Mason’s mastermind group (Builders Table) has given me the strength to move forward in areas that I had no desire to do. His ability to hear Gods voice and open the door for others in the group to hear His voice, and then to have the courage to lovingly, fearlessly and freely speak into each other’s lives is amazing.

I highly encourage others to join and experience what I did. Life changing.

Ford Taylor

Founder, Transformational Leadership

Andy has created a niche for the global Christian business leader.

He has created an environment where we challenge each other, pray together and cast vision with one another.

I have experienced nothing like it.

I have known Andy for several years and a lot of my trajectory in business can be attributed to my interactions with him. He has always been someone that pours the gasoline on my fire.

Brian Harper

CEO, RPT Realty

The Kitchen Table

The kitchen table is the center of the home. EVERYTHING is fair game here. No fancy titles or positions to hide behind. Simply raw, real conversations that affect EVERY area of life: business, relationships, family, spirituality… LIFE changing conversations.

Being at your table looks like two calls a month where we leave no plate untouched. 

Kitchen Table Advisory services start at $1,000 per month.

 The Builders Table

The builders table is where we ‘push together’ four kitchen tables. (By invitation only to ensure the best collaboration.) These 3-4 people are high performers, each with a unique story and calling to influence cities and nations. 

We meet virtually once a month for an extended time adding our strength to one another and making miracles happen. I also meet individually monthly with each ‘builder’.  

The Builders Table starts at $1000 per month.