You get to choose your story: This morning, I got into a car accident on my way to work. I know, you’re already thinking this story makes no sense, right? Just wait. After the accident, I was in shock. I was crying, calling my insurance and beating myself up over getting into the accident. My car would not start and I couldn’t believe I’d destroyed it.



A Bad Experience

I was comforted when I called my dad and all he could say was that as long as I was okay, nothing else mattered. He reminded me those material things are replaceable and assured me not to worry about it. I was also comforted by the fact that my awesome boss drove to where I was to help me out and let me know I wasn’t alone. On top of that, I was bombarded by officers whose main priority was not to find fault but to make sure I was okay.

My car was towed, and my boss was nice enough to offer his car for me to use until I got a new one. My dad was in super “dad” mode and wanted to drive all the way to Sacramento from his job to make sure I was okay and find me a new car. I assured him that we could wait a few days and that I had a way in place to get around, but he insisted.


A Bright Side

Once my dad picked me up, it was time to assess the damages. After taking my car apart a little and looking inside, we discovered that NOTHING had been damaged under the hood. A busted headlight and a bent frame were the only damage on the inside.

The mailman came while we were working on my car and I realized a packet had arrived for me. It was addressed from the University of San Francisco, with an envelope that read “Here’s what you’ve been waiting for.” Sure enough, it was my acceptance letter.

The rest of my day was sustained greatness. I did some acro yoga on campus, connected with some new people in my philosophy class, and went out to eat with my dad.


God is Good?

The point behind this story is that God is SO GOOD. He was with me the ENTIRE day, even when it may have seemed to some like He abandoned me when looking at first glance.

Being in an accident sucks any way you slice it, but I was surrounded by care and love after the accident from the get-go. The accident also caused my dad to come be with me in Sacramento. If he hadn’t have been there, he wouldn’t have been able to share in my sheer joy (and happy tears) when I opened that acceptance letter. God also graced me with a miracle of absolutely nothing going wrong inside my car. My guilt over the thought of ruining my car was turned into a day with my dad, playing mechanic.


Even the Bad things Turn to Good

God is always taking care of us and has a plan behind everything that happens – even the bad things. A scripture in Romans says that God uses all things, good and bad, for our good. God loves us unconditionally and never abandons us, always giving us little reminders through his miracles.

It is days like these when we are given the chance to choose God instead of giving into the enemy. The enemy tries to say we have been abandoned or we wouldn’t have gotten into an accident… We are terrible for being so dumb….We can’t do what we set out hearts and minds to.


What will you choose today?

We were given free will regarding who to listen to. For me, it is days like these when my faith in how great my God is becomes rooted a little deeper.

  • What will you choose today?
  • How can you partner with God and see your surroundings through His lens?
  • How does He feel toward you right now?
  • How can you rest in God today – even in the midst of challenge?

We would love to hear your stories below…

This is a guest blog by: Alicia Rivera, Sacramento