Recently I spoke at an event called Authentic Authority – the initiative of David Charlson. In preparing I was reminded of a key moment in my journey that changed everything. It involved becoming aware of the line of limitations I had set for myself. To move forward in my life, my calling, my dreams, I had to cross over my line of limitations.

line of limitations

In 2008, my wife and I had been praying about our future. It had never entered our minds that we may need to leave our home town, let alone nation, to move forward with what God had planned for us. We had two sets of parents (grandparents to our four children under the age of 8 at the time) within 2 hours drive and were part of a thriving church community that was impacting nations. We had just established an International Community development organization and I was about to complete the final paper in a course that qualified us to access government funding. On the home front, Janine and I had just completed a guest bedroom in our garage – we had long term plans there.

Yet we both had a knowing that something was about to change; we just didn’t know what…

At the prompting of a close friend I had written in my prayer journal, “Is our future in this location?”

A few days later we had a visiting speaker and he began to speak from Joshua 1:2:

Now therefore, arise, go over this Jordan, you and all this people, to the land which I am giving to them…

For forty years the Israelites had been walking around and around in a desert, waiting for the old guard to pass away so that they could step into their promised land. It was now time to advance. The river Jordan was a physical barrier, or line, between their desert and their future.

The context of the message that evening was that it was time for us to face our own ‘Jordan’ – the line of limitation that we had placed in front of ourselves. It was time to cross over. Dang, was this a setup or what???!!!!

I had never even considered that we would EVER leave New Zealand, let alone our home town, family, friends, a steady salary…

But God was clearly speaking. We had a choice to make. Do we cross our line of limitations and enter the uncertainty, risk, and unknown land that lies beyond? Or do we stay in certainty, comfort and a measure of ‘success’ where we are right now?

We crossed over.

The rest is history.

It was scary. Really scary. No income for three years is not fun. Having to start from zero with friends, mentors, household items, schooling… is not something I would recommend to do often. But the measure of the Presence of God WITH ME is worth every inch of crossing that line. Nothing in this world compares to who He is. Then there’s the people we’ve gotten to meet, the places we’ve gotten to go and the lives that have been transformed, starting with those of my family.

HISTORY is waiting for YOU to cross over your line of limitation. NOW is your time to step into your future, that has been prepared for you centuries before you were born (see Jeremiah 29:11 and Ephesians 2:10).

What is it stands in the way of you from stepping into your dreams; into your land of risk and promise? What is the line of limitation that lies in front of you? What have you never considered doing or never questioned whether you could leave behind? What is stopping you moving forward?

What will you do about that? Today…

What will history say of you this day forward? You get to choose. The God of ALL CREATION invites you to advance.

What say you?