Redding (Aug, 11): “Your revitalized dreams are the flash-point for an ever- growing, wonder-filled life. The first step is to know that your dreams and God’s Will are on the same page and then to follow proven pathways. Andy and Janine are your personal, Life Dream Sherpas that guide you along the journey. Dream Culture simplifies your process  and empowers you for success.  Team Mason lives the  dream every day and is a great, ongoing source of  inspiration to our entire team.  We thank them for their character and their anointed work.”

Rick Sbrocca, Spiritus Solutions

Alabama (Jun, 11): “Surveys show that nearly eighty-five percent of Christians live passive, unfulfilled lives.  That’s about to change!  Dream Culture by Andy and Janine is a transformational dream coaching tool to help you release the dream God has placed in your heart.  As a dreamer, everything I need is in this book to help me become a greater history-maker and world-changer.”

Leif Hetland, Founder and President – Global Mission Awareness –
Author of Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes


New Zealand (May, 11) “We always say to our clients, ‘Don’t die wondering what might have been possible. Step out and have a red hot go!’ This timely book opens up your heart and mind to what God has on offer for you, and gives you practical strategies for getting the rubber on the road . Dream Culture needs to be in your personal toolbox. Buy a copy for your best friend as well……….”

Steve & Tara Connell, Kingdom Business Builders


Redding (May, 11) “Andy and Janine Mason’s Dream Culture is a catalytic book to help people understand what their dreams are, what is hindering their fulfillment and what is needed to live the “dream life” that God has ordained for each one  of us. The whole book is great, but the dream activity questions at the end of each chapter are worth the price of the book alone. This is a must read for for those who desire to reach their full potential in life.”

Steve Backlund, Global Legacy and Ignited Hope –, author of Victorious Mindsets and Cracks in the Foundation.


China (Apr, 11) Andrew and Janine have written an outstanding book that will be a real help towards the fulfillment of many peoples dreams! Do you want to actually live your dreams? Then read this book and put it into practice. Many writers and speakers have set out to encourage and inspire people to dream but there are few who have been able to articulate the “how” – the Mason’s have gone the extra mile by showing us the “how”. This book is intensely personal and practical. On a personal note, one question from the author propelled me towards the fulfillment of a lifetime dream and adventure. For this I am forever grateful.


England (Apr, 11): Dream Culture is one of the most helpful, practical and impactful books I have read. Not only is the book well laid out, well-written and insightful, more importantly it carries an authority that only comes when the author truly live, experience and personify the content and message. Andy and Janine combine a great deal of revelation and wisdom with the depth of personal experience and are able to impart it in a meaningful, accessible manner. Personally, I have found Dreamculture to be profoundly life changing and am very grateful for their efforts.


Redding, Ca (Apr, 11): Reading your book… slowly… Today I am dreaming with God about what I thought was impossible. LOVE the quote on page two… “Impossible is just a big word through around by small minded men…” God CAN do anything including level mountains on my behalf, if what I need does not exist he can speak it into existence… NOTHING is impossible with him! My daughter texted me this morning that she had a dream last night and in the dream she saw this game that was super cute and so fun… she said she wished she had it to play. I told her… “Well, than let’s make it!”


Auckland, NZ (Mar, 11): “Just loved the book – it is so refreshing. It has the fingerprints of heaven all over it – there is just openness that draws you into dreaming, and destiny and life and believing that there is so much more to come.”


Oregon, USA (Mar, 11): “I loaned one of the copies I bought to my boss… Returning home, he promptly ordered his own copy, spent considerable time “doing the work,” and has since sent an email to many of our friends recommending your book as the most significant he’s read in at least a year.”


Los Angeles, USA (Mar, 11): “Reading Dream Culture thanks to [a friend] who sent it to me…amazing book that is totally pushing on my heart….I love being LA with so many dreamers!”