You are personally responsible for the speed of your life and your lifestyle. This is a frightening truth because it causes us to realize that we have chosen and created the life that we are living right now.  

Entitlement or empowerment

But while it may be frightening for us to think that we have chosen to live our life exactly as it is today, it is also liberating.  Liberating because, while we may not like what we find when we look at our lives today, we can now begin to choose differently.

If we refuse to face this truth, we become victims who are incapable of thriving and must content ourselves with surviving.  In this victim mentality we look to other people, our companies, and the government to create for us a better life.  And is from this place of victimhood that too many look to their companies to create work-life balance for them.  

The mentality of a victim always leads to entitlement rather than empowerment.  Men and women who are empowered look to build a bigger future for themselves, their families, their company, and their country.  Those who adopt a position of entitlement look to sustain or even advance what they already have with little or no effort.  There is no future in entitlement.  

How is the best way to live? You alone have to decide for yourself. But decide and pursue that life. Don’t just stumble through it. Your employer cannot tell you the best way for you to live, nor can the company you work for create a program that will lead you to an abundant life of personal and professional satisfaction independent of your own personal efforts.

You and I have to take responsibility for these things ourselves, which is so much better anyway.  Wouldn’t you rather feel that you have some control over your destiny?

Matthew Kelly

Off Balance is Matthew Kelly’s followup book to The Dream Manager. (The Dream Manager was a pivotal book in our journey to work with Danny Silk and develop the Dream Culture book and curriculum.)

One of the major issues in our lives today is work-life balance. Everyone wants it; no one has it. But Matthew Kelly believes that work-life balance was a mistake from the start. Because we don’t really want balance. We want satisfaction.

Kelly lays out the system he uses with his clients, his team, and himself to find deep, long-term satisfaction both personally and professionally. He introduces us to the three philosophies of our age that are dragging us down. He shows us how to cultivate the energy that will give us enough battery power for everything we need and want to do. And finally, in five clear steps, he shows us how to use his Personal & Professional Satisfaction System to establish and honor our biggest priorities, even if we spend a lot more time on some of the lesser ones.

Dream ManagerMatthew Kelly has dedicated his life to helping people and organizations  become the-best-version-of-themselves! He began  speaking and writing in his late teens while he was attending business school.  Since that time, four million people have attended his seminars and  presentations in more than fifty countries.

Kelly is a partner at Floyd Consulting, a Chicago based management-  consulting firm and the founder of The Dynamic Catholic Institute – a Cincinnati based non-profit organization whose mission is to re-energize the Catholic Church in America by developing world-class resources that inspire people to rediscover the genius of Catholicism.

His personal interests include golf, piano, literature, spirituality, and spending time with his wife Meggie and their children Walter, Isabel, and Harry.