It feels good to do the right thing by Janine Mason

Helping someone out is hardly ever convenient.

A few weeks ago I was flying up the road to get more of my to-do list checked off, when I saw a lady sitting on the curbside crying. Her head was in her hands, her purse sat beside her in the gutter and she wasn’t looking up as the traffic whizzed by her. There was nowhere to stop where she sat so I continued up the road debating whether or not to go back and check on her. By the time I reached a place where I could turn, I had come to my senses and decided that my to-do list could wait for a few minutes. Secretly I was hoping that someone else had stopped and taken care of her. But as I drove the opposite way back down the road, there she still was. So another U-turn and a scan for a place to park ensued. Finally I managed to pull up and chat to my lady in distress.

It turns out she was having one of those moments when all the bad stuff in your life climbs on top of you and you feel overwhelmed. Her unemployment hadn’t come through, her ride home had fallen over and everything seemed bleak. Long story short I was able to offer her a friendly listening ear and a ride to where she was going.

It probably took half an hour out of my already packed schedule for the day. I dropped her off on the far side of town and went back to my long to-do list, expecting to feel more stressed because I had even less time to get everything accomplished. Instead, I noticed that I actually felt more at peace. Certainly I still had lots to do, but somehow I felt better about what I had to get done.

And it came to me…it actually feels good to do the right thing. It costs you something. Maybe you won’t be able to get to that last thing on your list, or it will take you longer to get there. But reaching out and going the extra mile for another human being is always the right thing to do. And when you do it somehow God empowers you to get your own stuff done. I can’t drive round looking for every person in distress and taking care of them, but I was reminded that when I take the time to look up from everything that is so important to me, I’ll see the really important thing around me, people.

As busy people our to-do list is always long. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, like you can’t possibly fit one more thing into your day. But if you would take a few moments to reach out to someone, to take the extra time to look in their eyes, you actually will actually feel more ready to take on the rest of your day.

It really does feel good to do what is right.