This is the final in a series of posts about Divine Connections. We shared some really cool stories of Divine Connections, key principles and paradigms in finding them and practical strategies to steward them. In this article you will find three super simple keys I use to keep the God-factor in the God-connections. Enjoy!



1. Hold them in your heart.

Philippians 1:5 says, “I know that God will bring this to pass because I hold you in my heart.”

In between meetings, simply close your eyes and imagine you are embracing them with your heart, as if your heart has imaginary arms. Then pray blessing, protection, wisdom, favor, courage….

If God happens to bring them to mind, pause and send them a text or email saying that you are thinking of them or grateful for the connection. It is amazing how when you hold someone in your heart that you become sensitive to what is going on it their life. Your text could be a life-changer!


2. Ask

Ask Holy Spirit for inside-information that would encourage, exhort and build them up. How does He see them? What would He want to say to them through you?

Use the appropriate language in communicating what you heard from God. If they are on the same page with you spiritually then go for it. If not, use different language like, “I was thinking about you and this came to mind….” Or, if you feel the relationship is strong enough, “I’m learning to hear what God has to say about people I look up to. Would you mind if I shared with you what I believe He said about you?”

Also, don’t be afraid to ask them for feedback or input or what they value in the connection with you. Be authentic. Be candid. Be ok with ‘no,’ if they are unwilling to meet a second time. If God opened the door to connect you don’t have to fight to keep it open. Trust His timing. Trust that He is the greatest connector so you don’t have to be weird or aggressive or intense in trying to make it happen.


3. Declare

I had a great pastor in New Zealand who taught me the value of making declarations. These are a couple that I have used for years speaking them over myself and my future. They work!

“I have favor and an unusual advantage.”

“I have discernment to see to the heart of the matter and wisdom to know what to do.”

Now go for it.

Please add to the conversation below or contact me with your own stories of God at work.

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