I’m reading Paul Cuny‘s new book – Nehemiah People. It was great reading… until I got smacked with the five common reasons (we call REASON and LOGIC) why we DISOBEY God’s mandate to advance into our purpose and calling.


The context is Nehemiah who is in the food business in the Palace of King Artaxerxes in Babylon (see the story of Nehemiah in the bible). His job and training and background are ensuring that the King doesn’t eat something that would harm him. Nehemiah hears a report about his homeland (Jerusalem in the nation of Israel) that is in ruins and in his heart know’s he needs to do something: He must go and rebuild (construct) the city of Jerusalem.

We all have something we were born for. Most of us don’t know until we hear or see something that really stirs us up inside. That may look like compassion or even anger or some other strong emotion. Often it is the thing that we complain about most often. We have  a choice to act or not to act. Here are the five REASONABLE AND LOGICAL arguments Paul Cuny identifies that Nehemiah’s COULD have used…. Which one have you heard yourself use?


Nehemiah could have said “I have no construction experience on my resume, so I’m not qualified to rebuild a city.”

Lack of experience is usually the first argument against obedience because that is an easy excuse. God doesn’t always use the qualified, but He qualifies those who are willing to be used (Dr. Bradley Stuart). Actually God DELIGHTS in taking seeming unqualified, ignorant, weak, no names and using them to do impossible things. Ever wonder why Jesus avoided the seminary graduates but chose 12 commoners to launch his global religious reformation plan? He removed your excuse.


Nehemiah could have said, “I have a position of influence with the King which enables me to better represent the interests of the Jewish community in Susa.”

It is God who gives influence, and He can change that at any time. He is the who promotes. He is not limited by you, and He has MANY besides you. When Elijah complained about being the only one, God reminded him that He had 7,000 other people who were true to their calling. It is an empty excuse to say your current role, regardless of influence, is a justifiable means not to trust God with the unknown step into your destiny.


Nehemiah could have said, “Jerusalem has been this way for 142 years. How can I expect to change that?”

You are correct, on your OWN it is highly unlikely that you will make a difference. But you are not alone! Your destiny is LINKED TO THE IMPOSSIBLE. If you are going to establish God’s purposes in your life, your city, your nation, you cannot be intimidated by the impossible. You were BORN FOR IMPOSSIBLE. It is only when you step beyond your own ability that you truly discover CHRIST IN YOU who is the hope of the WORLD. You have more in you than you realize or will ever understand. As Smith Wigglesworth said, “Only believe!”


Nehemiah could have said, “That is hostile territory and I am safe and comfortable here.”

It is always appears safe to stay where it is comfortable. However, that is an illusion resulting in mediocrity and a mundane life. Truly the safest place is where you are walking in center of God’s will for you – regardless of whether that is a battlefield, boardroom or bedroom. You can choose to have certainty and safety or you can choose to let go control and in exchange you will get a greater measure of the comfort, covering and closeness of the Father. If you choose to play it safe you will be left empty and heavy handed with regret.


Nehemiah could have said, “I’ll just give a few extra shekels to the Jerusalem Relief Fund when the Rabbi takes up the offering next Sabbath.”

Many people have avoided or aborted their own destiny by giving their resources to someone else. It is easy to write a check. But maybe God doesn’t want your check. He want’s YOU. Writing the check may make you feel good about yourself. But in the end it is irrelevant if it is YOU God really wants. There are adventures to go on; risks to take; messes to learn from. The key ingredient is YOU. Will you go? Will you step out? Will you trust your future into God’s hands?

Which excuse resonated most with you?

What will you do about that?

Paul Cuny

Paul Cuny is President and Founder of MarketPlace Leadership International. Paul teaches the practical realities of the Kingdom to the marketplace leaders around the world.  He has spent most of his life serving God in the business world as an owner, entrepreneur and consultant. This business background has given him a unique platform from which to minister to leaders around the world. He is also an ordained minister with a calling to teach the biblical principals of Kingdom leadership and the Kingdom economy to the marketplace worldwide. Paul has taught these Kingdom principles at conferences and churches throughout Africa, SouthAmerica, Central America and the US. He is an international conference and church speaker on the Kingdom Economy and the author of Secrets of the Kingdom Economy and Nehemiah People. Paul resides with his wife Gerri in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

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