In this post, my wife, Janine and I openly talk about how we are leading our family, making decisions and navigating the range of emotions of ourselves and our four teenagers in the midst of uncertainty. 

To give you context, I am just out of self-isolation (literally three days ago). It was the weirdest experience ever – being isolated from my family who were themselves isolated as a result of the “Shelter-in-place” order of California governor. (Hear the story behind this from a previous podcast). This means we are working/schooling from home and have access to essential supplies such as medical, food, home supplies and outdoor exercise (and apparently hunting supplies, essential herein Northern CA). 

So how are we leading our family of four teenagers (13, 16, 17, 19)? Here, we reflect around seven areas of life. As you read or listen, consider your own area’s to be intentional SO THAT over this period of time you will ADVANCE and INCREASE. The alternative is to run and hide or simply survive. We sincerely believe that in spite of what is going on, there is always something we can do to grow. So here’s what we are doing…


– Sunday church online together. Our oldest daughter (19) goes to a different church so is doing their online service and bible study.

– Communion together a couple times a week

– Encouraging one another

– Journalling and scripture and praying individually

– Respecting one another’s different approaches in connecting with God


– Kids doing school (1 x 8th grade, 1 x sophomore, 1 x senior, 1 x online college)

– Andy listens to audible books and podcasts and is reading John Adams

– Janine is reading novels… David Baldacci


– Walking

– Digging a hole (Ben – 16!)

– Playing with puppy and other dogs

– Hugs

– Getting into the ‘wild’ – running somewhere beautiful


– Walking

– Biking and mountain biking

– Digging

– Running

– Pushups, lunges…

– Ping pong


– Investing in book launch

– Updating financial accounts

– Ideating about what we can do if this crisis continues beyond another month


– Family meals, together

– Family games in the evenings – NertzClueExploding Kittens, Scrambled States of America

– Family meeting weekly to talk about how everyone is doing and upcoming week


– Watching Blindspot on Hulu

– Playing ping pong

– Walking around the block

– Sitting in front of fire and reading a book or listening to music/audible

– Routine (get up, get dressed, do your hair, clean your room, do your dishes… school)

– Invest in something – project, learning (here’s 450 Ivy League School courses for free!) and here’s a TON of educational resources for kids (fb group).

So what about you? What are your goals for yourself, your marriage, your family at this time? 

And what other ideas do you have for any of these area’s of life?

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