We finished a Dream Class last week and at the end of the class we opened it up for questions. One lady was obviously worried that people could take our teaching and use it to justify their selfish pursuit of all sorts of things. So she asked the question “Is there any such thing as a wrong dream?” She elaborated by saying “You know, what if people just put on their dream list to own a fancy house and a Ferrari etc, is that wrong?”

My answer to her was that at the heart of every dream is the core desire and the desire itself is not wrong. If my desire is for a fancy house there may be many reasons that desire is there. I have to admit that I have seen a house that I would love to buy…and it’s reasonably fancy. At the heart of that dream is the desire for us to have a place of safety and stability for our children. The house represents that place to me. It has a huge yard that feels like you are in the country and plenty of room to put in a garden, something that brings me joy. Is my desire wrong? I don’t believe so. What I do with that desire is the important thing. I can keep my focus on my interpretation of the way that desire must be fulfilled (the fancy house) or I can identify the heart of the desire (a stable safe place for my children and a place of refreshing for me) and trust God to fulfill that.

The bible is very clear that God wants to fulfill the desires of our heart. The problem is we are often not in touch with our deepest desires. I would love to own the house but I choose to trust Him to give my kids a sense of stability in our current situation and to bring me joy and refreshing without a garden.

So how do you keep from becoming caught up with the trappings, rather than the heart of the desire? I believe it comes down to something very simple.

I woke up this morning with the song “this one thing” going round my brain. The phrase that kept going round in my head was the line “My heart it beats for this one thing, I’m so in love with you, I’m so in love with you.” It is a song about being in love with Jesus and keeping that as the ‘one thing’ that is central to everything else. As I choose to keep my heart focus to simply stay in love with Him, the other stuff easily stays in perspective. When I keep my focus on Him, I don’t obsess over the house as the way to fulfill my desires. When I choose Him and I feel His closeness, then the outward trappings of any God-given desire don’t have the ability to steal my heart away from the things that are truly important.

So go ahead and dream…but let your pursuit of Him be your greatest dream ever.