I thought a bank would be the worst place to have a job. I was wrong.

At the time I was working as an agricultural business consultant and one of my clients was RAVING about how much value his bank manager was adding to the family business. I was intrigued. So I asked around more and found that one particular bank truly added so much value they were considered a core part of their customer’s advisory team…. even more than the business consultant!

People development

So I joined. And loved it. I was paid to build relationship with customers and future customers, help them define what success was to them and then resource them to realize that success.

I was a like a pastor, but I was a banker! My job was to help people succeed in business… and this spilled over into all of life.


The Best Company I Worked For

The bank was the best company I had worked for and their culture was better than any other organization I had experienced.

Their staff came first. Happy staff, happy customers. And it worked. They had the largest market share and it was growing.

They genuinely focused on discovering the needs of their customer then developing action plans to achieve that. Looking after the customers needs resulted in customer delight, customer retention and great rapport in the community. Looking after their customers was first and the profits looked after themselves.


Company Takeover

In fact, the company did so well that a bank that was at the bottom of the market decided to purchase ‘our’ bank to gain market share.

Seemed like a good idea?

It was a disaster.

Rather than recognizing that the source of success was the PEOPLE and CULTURE, the acquiring bank made their own people, processes and values the new priority.

And killed the company.

Destroyed morale.

Lost key staff.

And rapidly headed back towards the market share they had in the beginning.

They paid hundreds of millions of dollars to take a poor brand and made it poorer while destroying an excellent brand in the process.

Stupid? You bet!

I would NEVER do that…. or would I?


Am I Destroying My Greatest Asset?

Many of us follow some of those same practices, on a smaller scale, that undermine our ability to become great, build great people and grow great companies.

Your greatest asset is your people. You. Your staff. Your customers. Your management. Your suppliers…


Deals come and go, but people are forever

The way we treat our people will directly affect our bottom line AND demonstrate to the world who we really serve.

Jesus took a bunch of no-names and made them global influencers.

Jesus transformed the people around him from selfish, broken, lost and lonely into confident, courageous leaders who impacted everyone they came in touch with.

He just had that affect on people.

And you can too.


Learn With Us

Join us this month at The Business of People. This three day event will inspire you, equip you and connect you with others on the same journey to experience ALL of what Jesus paid for in our places of work and influence cities. You won’t just get a bunch of information. You will leave with an experience.

This year we invited Tom Deushle as our keynote speaker. I heard him first about five years ago at an Ed Silvoso Transformation Conference. I was so impacted I skipped out of subsequent sessions so I could buy him a coffee and hear more. He is the real deal and has the stories to prove it.

Tom Deushle first stepped on African soil in 1979 with nothing but a guitar, a few hundred dollars, and a vision. Motorbiking through rural areas and ministering in homes, farms and on street corners, Tom started small cell groups with a handful of families during Zimbabwe’s civil war. Over 37 years later, Pastor Tom leads a church planting movement throughout Africa, Europe, North America and Asia. He is a devoted husband, father, and pastor, an established businessman, author and speaker, and is renowned for building people, building dreams and building the Kingdom of God across the globe.

Tom currently leads a congregation of over 25,000 people and has intentionally deployed leaders into crucial sectors of healthcare, education, government, business, finance, and technology.

We also have a number of our regular speakers plus case studies from people doing things in the business realm that will both shock and inspire you.

You won’t be disappointed!


Join Us

These three days will change your life and everyone you influence.

August 30 – September 1st, 2017. Redding, CA.

Full details and registration HERE.