Are you walking in the gap between what God has promised and your current circumstances? It’s a tension. A mystery. It tests everything, challenges what you believe. Challenges your motivation. But if you keep walking, holding on to hope, it refines you; it PROVES you. More so, it proves GOD TRUE IN YOU. It’s part of the process. Here’s some evidence from our own journey and what we did to keep walking…

In 2008, we left our 5 bedroom, double living area, great location, New Zealand home, to follow God on this crazy adventure. Toward the end of that year, Janine and I realized we would need to sell our NZ home (something I said I would never do), and use the proceeds to meet our financial requirements here in Redding, USA.

Within a year of being here,  we started receiving prophetic words that we would have LAND IN THIS LAND – and a place to call home, specifically in Redding. The consistency and accuracy of the prophetic words were amazing, and so, the dream began.

[MY ACTION: I secretly buried a copy of our New Zealand house sale contract in USA soil as a prophetic act – “God, we have sown our house in here!”]

ANOTHER TWO YEARS OF NO INCOME. Then we went a further two years with no income. Now we didn’t even have enough left from our NZ home for a house deposit. Not only that but after the money started to run out, we found out we had no credit history here, so no USA institution would even lend us money. How would we ever get a house again? Where was the fulfillment of the prophetic words?

[MY ACTION: Write out the prophetic words and read them over and over again. Listen to encouraging songs or Psalms to keep His Voice louder than the circumstances.]

Soon afterward, I began bumping into supernatural property testimonies. People receiving a brand new home for free, and others receiving $3m+ buildings for next to nothing. It wasn’t that I just heard these testimonies from a distance, I got to VISIT these properties and hear those testimonials first hand. I slept in that $3m+ building that was ‘purchased’ for $12,000!  I got to personally hear the story of an organization receiving a $1.3m check to purchase their building!

[MY ACTION: I started intentionally recording and repeating those testimonies.  “C’mon Jesus, do it again…with us!”]

We bound ourselves to the testimonies and made the decision to put ‘skin in the game’.

[MY ACTION: We wrote checks to those who had already experienced the miracle provision and called it “investing seed in proven ground.”]

As I heard more miracle stories of provision, combined with the consistent prophetic words about our own home, faith increased.

[MY ACTION: Take the kids to celebrate ahead of time – as if we had already received our promise.]

[MY ACTION: Go on prayer walks around houses that had great curb appeal.]

[MY ACTION: On the drive to school, we would refocus our attention on God by thanking Him for the house and all it’s many details.]

But nothing seemed to be happening. Couldn’t we just exchange the testimonies and prophetic words for cash?!

DREAM WORKSHOP. Five years into this journey I was speaking at a Dream Workshop in Illinois.  The participants decided to do a surprise ‘house offering’ to invest in us. There were about 130 people. The level of response was a surprise to them also! They presented us with a check equal to a 10% deposit on a home! I was speechless…

Awesome! God is faithful! Our house was now happening… or was it?

We still had insufficient credit history to borrow any money in the USA. I could have sniffed around and MADE IT HAPPEN by using alternative sources (I was previously a bank manager in NZ), but His still, small, voice repeated in my ears a resounding, and frustrating, “Just wait…trust Me.

‘My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have [its] perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” James 1:2-4

So we continued to wait. I don’t like waiting. I like instant. But instant, unfortunately, does not produce patience. And patience is required to become the fullness of what Christ paid for.  So we waited…

And waited…

Twelve months went by…


MOTHER’S DAY (May 2014). Our second daughter, Emily (11 at the time), looked up at Janine and said, “Mum, when are we going to get a house?” Janine was tired. She answered, “Well, if Jesus does something, it could happen next week, otherwise, it’s going to take a long time.” Emily’s downcast face was a display of how we ALL felt.

“Make haste to me O God!” Psalm 38:22; 40:13; 70:1; 70:5 (extra references for the legal emphasis!) 

[MY ACTION: “Help, Jesus!”]

JUNE 2014, GREELY, COLORADO. I was at a speaking engagement. A young man was praying for people, stopped and said to me, “I feel like God is telling you to pack your bags; that He is giving you a house.” He wasn’t sure if it was figurative or not. I assured him it wasn’t. I phoned home with the news.

[MY ACTION: Janine partnered her faith with those words by going out and buying some packing boxes. The girls started to remove some pictures from their bedroom walls.]

[MY ACTION: Ben (10) asked Jesus what date we would find a house.  He heard Jesus say “June 27.”]

A couple weeks after receiving the “pack your bags” word from God, I received another surprise gift – this time from a business. This time it messed me up to the point of tears. Combined, 12 months apart, these two surprise gifts would now enable us to make a 20% deposit on a home!

We checked with a lending institution (thanks Chris Lamm and Team) who advised us that we now had sufficient credit score to borrow MORE THAN we wanted to purchase a home (with a 20% deposit)!

FRIDAY, JUNE 27 (Ben’s date). A 5 bedroom, double living area, great location, home came on the market. We saw it online but didn’t go inspect it until the next day. We had already looked at a number of houses that week and felt like we were rushing ahead of God. Before looking at any more houses we decided to refocus and partner WITH God by going to Bethel’s Prayer House as a family and re-centering: “Let’s ask God how we will know which house is ours.” We all heard God say that when we walked into the house we would know.

We arrived home from the Prayer House just as our Real Estate Agents (thanks Jerry and Laura Jamieson) returned our call about the house we had noticed the day before. We agreed on a time to go look at it.

The moment we walked inside we all knew. It just felt right. Peace is a great governor.

We asked the kids to ask Jesus what price we should offer. We chose to go with Ben’s price.  If it hadn’t been for that, I would have offered more out of fear of missing out.

We put in our offer at 9:00pm, Sunday June 30th.  The very next morning, just after 8:30am, we received word that they had accepted our offer!

WE GOT OUR HOUSE BACK. Early August 2014, the Mason family moved into our new home. It is perfect fit for our family. We got our house back.

Every morning I am waking up amazed at this testimony of the goodness of God that I am living in…that I began to dream about. Six months earlier, it was listed as an impossibility and then BOOM, we were LIVING in His promise. Our monthly payment, including home insurance and property tax is the same as what we were paying in rent.

EVERY word of God is tested, refined and PROVEN pure (true).”

Proverbs 30:5 (AMP)

What word is being PROVEN pure (true?) in you?

God IS faithful to fulfill His promises. Keep walking. Steward the testimony. Keep your heart aligned through thankfulness. Spread this testimony and infect others with the same HOPE that it carries…

Thanks for being part of our journey.

“May He grant you according to your heart’s desire, And fulfill ALL your purpose.” Psalm 20:4.

MIracle home