The Business of Transformation

Lance Wallnau, Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Blake & Linda Schellenberg and more…

JOIN US – September 8-11th, 2015


Heaven in Business exists to connect and catalyze business people to demonstrate the Presence and power of God at work. We are experimenting with the connection between business and spirituality and finding that God is at work more than we realize!

Over the last five years we have developed curriculum, conferences, local gatherings, and executive spiritual retreats all focused on equipping people to be WITH God in ALL of life. The benefits of partnering with Him overflow from the boardroom to the bedroom, and everywhere in between. If you don’t believe us, believe the testimonies (see for daily good news at work.)

This upcoming conference is The Business of Transformation. Our goal is to inspire and equip you with the mindsets and practical keys to partner with God and see your business become a vehicle of transformation in your city, region and nation. If Jesus died for all creation to experience life in it’s fullness, then He died for our cities and nations to prosper. If our cities are to prosper, the economic engine of our city must prosper; that means YOU and YOUR BUSINESS and the community where you can add value.

Along with our keynote speakers, you will hear from business people who are living examples of what this can look like. They will share real-life-lessons we can learn from their journey. You will also have time to interact with other guests, all on this same journey to experience what it is to partner with God at work.

In addition, you will be activated to co-labor with God and experience first-hand how simple it is to impact a local business.

Please note, this event will NOT be streamed but we will record audio and video.

Cost: $325 individual, $300 each for group of two or more

Venue: The Stirring, 2250 Churn Creek Rd, Redding, CA, USA


Tuesday September 8th

7:00-8:30pm     Welcome & Hors d’oeurves

Day 1 – Wednesday September 9th

8:30                       Registration
9:30                       Welcome
10:00                    About My Fathers Business – Andy Mason
11:30                     Case Study and Application
2:00                      Transformation #1 – Lance Wallnau
3:30                      The Government of Heaven – Kris Vallotton
4:30                      Finish

Day 2  – Thursday September 10th

8:30                       Business Activation on site – Blake & Linda Schellenberg
10:00                     Transformation #2 – Lance Wallnau
11:30                      Transformation #3 – Lance Wallnau
2:00                       Case Study and Application
3:30                       Transformation #4 – Lance Wallnau
4:30                       Finish
7:00-8:30             Worship and Ministry

Day 3 –  Friday September 11th

8:00                       Business Activation
10:00                     When Heaven Invades Earth – Bill Johnson
11:30                      Case Study and Application
2:00                       Your Business of Transformation – Andy Mason
3:15                        Summary and Commissioning
4:30                       Finish