Recently I was in Russia doing a Heaven in Business conference. I was joking that I spoke Russian as a baby…

Da…. Da… Da….

They laughed. It’s the Russian word for ‘yes.’

But obviously I didn’t grow up to speak Russian. I stopped at ‘Da.’


I wasn’t born Russian. I didn’t grow up in a Russian home.

But WE were all born children of God. We ARE members of His household. (See Ephesians 2:19).

Whether you feel like it or not.

It’s not what you say. It’s not what you do.

It’s who you ARE.

And as one of His children you speak like Him. It is in your very nature to grow up and act like Him. You have His DNA. You will do the things He does.

You start speaking only one word. He speaks whole sentences.

Your current ability is simply a reflection of your age and maturity.

Your current experience doesn’t define you. Or Him.

One word grows into two words. Then a sentence. Then a conversation.

You don’t stop at one word and say “I obviously don’t have the gift of speech.”

That would be stupid.

It’s simply a matter of practice and time.

You were born a child of God. You live in His household. You will grow into the fullness of His character, His Nature, His ways.

Just don’t stop growing.

His nature is healing. You will heal the sick.

His nature is to create. You WILL get ideas and strategies to create or make things better.

His nature is spiritually natural. You will be aware of the unseen realm at work, at home, at play.

Don’t stop praying for people because you prayed once and nothing happened.

Don’t stop risking because something failed.

Don’t say you are less spiritual than your spouse, your pastor, your mentor.

Da. Da. Da.

You are growing in your fullness as a child of God. It’s who you are.

Keep practicing. Keep talking. Keep stepping out. Keep growing up into the fullness of who you are born in the image and nature of.

Keep looking at who He is. His nature. His ways. His face.

Take time to worship. To read His word. To hear His voice.

You are more like him than you realize.

Just a baby version.

So grow. It’s a process. Enjoy it. Enjoy the first word, the first sentence, the first step.

Relax. Grow. It’s completely natural. Supernatural.

Heal. Create. Love. Increase.

It’s who you are.

So where have you attempted to ‘talk’ and stopped because it didn’t come out like you expected? Where have you limited yourself by saying you don’t hear God? Or you can’t heal the sick? Or you are not spiritually aware? Or…

Get back up. Get going again.

You were born to display who your Father is in ALL OF LIFE.

It’s simply who you are.