Two days ago I was really struggling with motivation; just wanting to stay home, avoid life and hide in a virtual world. Today I am pumped, ready for anything, laughing on my way to drop kids to school, smiling when no one is looking. What changed to turn my motivation so much so fast?

Help me Jesus

Externally nothing has changed. I am still facing the same challenges at work. My wife is still away – get’s back in a few more days time. My daughter is still dealing with health challenges. The email pile is just as big. The distractions are all still available.


One thing.

It wasn’t a change in diet or doing more exercise, although that is good and really helps.

It wasn’t a motivational quote or inspiring movie.

It wasn’t an encouraging word from a friend or family member.

It wasn’t a surprise package with some gift I have always wanted.

It wasn’t external.

It wasn’t by my internal effort or powerful decision making.

I realized I had my eyes on all the things around me that are shifting, unstable, beyond my control. I was focussed on all I had to do to the point of drowning. I was distracted by disappointment and stretched with all the demands to accomplish stuff.

I was like Peter in the story where the disciples of Jesus are alone in a boat crossing a lake and it gets rough. Really rough. The wind is against them and the boat is bouncing around on the waves. Not much stability there.

Then Jesus comes walking on the water and Peter thinks it’s a genius idea to walk out on the water to Jesus. (If he was thinking at all given his history of fire – ready – aim). He steps out of the boat onto the water and all goes miraculous until he GETS DISTRACTED BY THE WIND AND WAVES and he starts to sink.

I was distracted by the wind and waves and sinking. My motivation had already sunk and I was about to follow.

Bill Johnson said this recently and it really struck a chord:

“Busyness of heart dislodges me from my ability to hear from God.

It deadens my ability to perceive the subtle.

It is hard in chaos to hear His still, small voice.

His voice is what gives faith to do anything.”

Without faith you feel overwhelmed and hopeless.

Sinking. Lost motivation. Head spinning one direction and heart falling another.

One thing is needed.


In the MIDDLE of the storm.

Pause. Stop running.


Intentionally turn your eyes back toward Jesus who called you out this far.

For me that looked like going somewhere that helps me reset. Not filling the space with words. Quietly sitting. Worship music going in the background.


Jesus I’m sinking. HELP!

I got distracted by all the noise. The chatter. The good that gets in the way of the great.

Time for me to shutup and listen again.

Help me to keep the main thing the main thing.

Jesus, YOU are my motivation. YOU are my source of faith, hope, love.

Jesus didn’t hesitate.

He reached down and grabbed his hand.

Matthew 14:31 MSG


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