The only thing certain is uncertainty! How do I know what I should focus on? How do I decide what to do? What do I do now?

In the midst of pandemic, riots, political positioning, media manipulation… YOU CAN HAVE PEACE. You CAN make decisions that set you up with momentum in the middle of mess. You CAN do this!

In this post (and podcast) I walk you through the simple process of how I have been hearing God and making adjustments to my business and personal life THAT IS PRODUCING RESULTS! Here’s the notes for you to download and follow along.

  • I heard God, pivoted and saved over $1500 in flight costs PLUS got back in country just three hours before the borders closed.
  • I heard God, pivoted and transformed our in-person executive retreat into an online experience with raving reviews.
  • I heard God, pivoted from my monthly travel and generated a brand new course that is equipping business people to hear God and do the same!

It’s easier than we think. God is closer than we realize. Best of all, He is not anxious, upset, or surprised by what is going on. He does have hope, wisdom and solutions for life… IF we will listen.

So are you ready to listen?

I’m going to outline the simple 5-step process but first here’s a quick win that you can apply immediately.

Start your day analog

For those of you born in the digital era, analog is the OPPOSITE of digital. It’s what people used to do…

BEFORE you pick up your phone and read the latest notifications,

BEFORE you get distracted by texts and emails,

BEFORE you catch up with the latest social media posts

BEFORE you get your daily dose of anxiety from the news updates

BEFORE you listen to all the OTHER voices telling you what you should do, know about and get concerned over…


Rebel against the crowd and go analog. Pick up your bible. And a journal. And a pen. 

Read an ancient text. 

START your day by listening for the voice of Wisdom. 

START your day with prayer. Simple gratitude that you are breathing… and have clothes… and breakfast! LISTEN for what the Founding Creative Entrepreneur of the Universe has to say about your “complex” situation… Ask the God of all Wisdom what He wants to say to you… How He feels towards you… What He thinks about you and your day.

Test me in this and see if it doesn’t change your ENTIRE outlook for the day.

Now you are ready…

What Do I Do Now?

This is a simple process I use to hear God for practical decisions. Remember it is a process that serves me; I don’t serve the process. It’s helpful to get started but once familiar with the steps, feel free to use, edit, or add to the process to best serve your style.

1. Situation

Write down the situation that you are facing write now that you need clarity, decisions or direction for. The clearer you can articulate the situation the easier it is to get to th next step. What is the question you want to ask? Write it down.

2. Hearing

Ask God the question. You may be surprised with His answer. If you ask the question, pause for a moment, then have a thought, idea, image, conviction, scripture… that comes to mind, IT’S PROBABLY GOD.

Write down what you hear. 

If you want more on hearing God check out Episode 007 Hearing God in Central Park.

3. Meaning

What is the practical application of what you heard? How would you apply that to your life. If it’s not clear and obvious then jump to step 4. 

Remember, the you cannot enter the Kingdom of God unless you come like a child so DON’T OVERCOMPLICATE IT. DON’T TRY TO REASON yourself out of what you heard. 

Remember, God’s Word (scripture) is a foundational pillar and so is wise counsel…

4. Wisdom

Wisdom is found in the multitude of counsellors. By wise counsel, plans are established. So seek wisdom to apply what you heard God say.

I have a multitude of wise counsellors. My wife. My team. My friend. My accountant. My lawyer… Point is, I have people around me who I trust to give me wise counsel. 

In seeking wisdom I look for someone with wrinkles… evidence of learning. What evidence do they have (in the area that you are talking about) that gives you CONFIDENCE that they have wisdom? Is there a track record of good decisions? Would people around you agree that they are a person of wisdom?

5. Action

So what are you going to do? Write it down. 


Not ‘probably’ or ‘maybe’ or ‘soon.’


Once you have taken action you will have RESULTS. Good or bad, they will give you feedback on the next question to ask or the next conversation to have with your wise counsellor. 

If you want to unpack this further and walk with me for a month doing just that, sign up for our next Hey God What Now course. FMI and registration follow this link: Hey God What Now?

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Make sure you post any questions or comments below.

Oh….here’s a bonus: WATCH the video recording of the session on my YOUTUBE channel HERE.