This week I got to be in St Petersburg, Tallahassee and Destin, Florida. We did two Heaven in Business workshops and one day going office to office praying for state representatives and staff. Here’s a summary of what I learned, the highlights of what we did and what happened as a result…

My Key Learning

1. Don’t be afraid of small beginnings – 12 people turned the world upside down…

We expected 100 people in each place and was initially disappointed with 50-60. BUT then realized the people in the room were the RIGHT people – people who are influencers and who are engaged in the city. Don’t be deceived by the numbers. Don’t despise small beginnings. See how great a forest fire a small spark creates.

These who have turned the world upside down have come here too. Acts 17:6

2. Don’t wait for the change, BE the change

In each place we went, we were hosted by everyday people who had simply stepped up to engage. None of them would have said they were ‘qualified’ for this. Yet EVERY one of them was being followed by many others. 

When you see a need or opportunity or great cause, don’t sit back waiting for someone else to step up and do something or say something; the world is waiting for YOU.

3. Look for patterns or clues God is up to something then JUMP IN

I noticed that there were a number of people in cities lining up from Chicago in the North, down to to Destin, St Petersburg in the South. it was almost a straight line. It stood out to me in such a way that I perceive God is up to something (with me) in this area of the USA. So I prioritized invitations and opportunities and took risk to invest time in these places. In the last three months we have already done workshops in Indianapolis, Cincinatti, Lexington, Destin and St Petersburg. And Birmingham and Chicago are lined up shortly.

So far the results are repeating in each place: relationships restored, people physically healed, answers/solutions/turnarounds happening WHILE we are still praying… AND a fire of what is possible with God at work is being kindled in each location. I call this awakening – where everyday business people are being rekindled in their pursuit of God in all of life, resulting in fresh passion for serving people through business and spilling over into seeking the wellbeing of their city.

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