In Part 1 we looked at how situations can weigh us down and get us into a place of frustration, worry, and fear.

In Part 2, we will look at practical ways to walk through situations with Jesus. We read the promise of Jesus to come away with Him and learn how to live lightly and freely.

We hear stories each week of what this looks like for those of us in business, as we navigate the tremendous amount of decisions that need to be made in order to succeed.

These are the simple and highly practical steps ‘John’ and I processed through

1. Turn your attention to God
We can all get so caught up in what’s happening in front of us that we lose sight of God in the process. Literally turn away from what you’re working on and take a moment (or several) to focus your attention on the fact that God is bigger than what you see in front of you.

2. Remember that He has answers that you don’t
In Isa 55:8-9 and Pro 3:5-6, God reminds us that His thinking and His ways are higher than ours. That means that He has way more information about the big picture and how to navigate it well than we do. If we acknowledge that and…

3. Ask for His help
Then He will make the path before us smooth and is faithful to give us the insight (Pro 8) we need to deal with the situation from His perspective.

Both King Solomon (in the story of the two women and a baby in 1 Kings 3:16-28) and Paul (the story about the shipwreck in Acts 27), had wisdom beyond human understanding alone. Just like ‘John’, they were both faced with difficult circumstances that seemed to have no easy solution. As they had journeyed with God through life, they had learned to take Him at His word and were given insight into

What was really happening and

What they were to do about it

As they acted on what He said, the situations were resolved and everyone who witnessed what happened were amazed at what God did. Imagine what this could look like in your workplace!

As ‘John’ turns his attention to God and, remembering that His ways and wisdom are far beyond his own and asks for insight and help, God will be faithful to show him what’s really going on and what ‘John’ is to do about it. The result will be that both ‘John’ and those around him will be amazed at what God does and how He turns the scenario around for good.

When a situation feels too heavy to bear alone, that’s because it is. Jesus promised that if we ‘come to Me all who are heavy-laden, then I will give you rest’

The loving invitation is clear. Will you accept?
Food for thought:
– What situations are you facing right now that you can take to Jesus and process through with Him?
– Record the journey of what you see or hear or feel and observe how He helps you