Lou Engle is quoted as saying “God had a dream and wrapped your body around it.” Our life pursuit is all about encountering God as our loving Father and then getting to experience the dream with Him. When you partner your dream with God’s dream the impossible becomes logical – divine connections, crazy favor, miraculous provision and protection, and not to overlook super scary trust in the One who authored the dream in the first place. When you partner with God’s dream it is ALWAYS way bigger than what you can imagine. 

Abolition of Slavery

We have some friends whose dream it was to minister to the underground Church in a controlled nation. Eighteen months after we moved from New Zealand to Redding, California, they moved their family to a new nation where they became immersed in learning the language, culture and ways and pursuing the dream that was now beginning to take form. But it was hard. There were crazy road blocks from the mental challenge of a completely new language, to finance to health to visa’s and immigration. Not to mention the isolation from lack of heart friends and supportive relatives – now thousands of miles away.

But God is always faithful. If we keep walking with thankful hearts and trust in His ability to hold onto us we keep the flow of limitlessness pouring into our lives (that is WAY easier to write about than actually DO).

They thought they would be working with an oppressed church group to bring freedom and empowerment. What is eventuating is way bigger than that, it’s bringing freedom to an oppressed people group. Here are some stories as a result:

Dale (not his real name) was ministering to some believers in a remote region. They had not received any visits from church leadership in two years due their remoteness and the lack of resources. Through an interpreter Dale discovered they had never been introduced to the Holy Spirit. He immediately told them about the ministry of Holy Spirit and invited them to receive. As they were receiving, Dale himself started speaking in a language that he had not experienced before. As he did, his translator interpreted 80% of what he was saying. Unknowingly Dale was speaking Hebrew! (His translator just happened to also know that language.)

Kylie (not her real name) was out walking with a friend. They happened to notice five men struggling with a girl – in process of being abducted. They called to a passing policeman but he just turned away and ignored the situation. Kylie prayed (“Help me not kill someone Jesus!”) then they walked up to the men with the inspired thought of offering to buy them a drink. The men were so confused with the offer, they let go of the girl who ran off. Kylie and friend then bought the men a meal and prayed for them.

Over the course of the next twelve months they continued to build relationship with one of the men who was the leader of the sex trafficking gang. The gang trafficked literally hundreds of young girls into slavery. At the end of twelve months building trust and demonstrating love in spite of his occupation, the leader of the gang approached Kylie. He said “When I am around you I experience peace, how do I have that for myself?” Kylie got to introduce him to a personal relationship with Christ and the rest will become history.

Kylie is now working with a non-profit organization that is rescuing girls from slavery and giving them skills and income through jewellery making. They use treasure hunts to find the girls and take them to safe house’s where they receive love and professional counselling in the process of learning to walk in freedom again.

The story has only just begun.

If you would like to partner with Dale and Kylie in what they are doing or invest in the girls themselves, contact us for more information.

Also here are some other organizations we know who are actively working to increase public awareness and end the slavery of our generation:

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