This guest blog is from Joe Candella, the original “Dream Engineer” that the book The Dream Manager was based on. Joe is the Dream Manager for a Janitorial Company in Ohio that has 300+ employees. I had the pleasure of being connected with Joe at the end of 2012 and we have been building a friendship ever since.

Dream Manager

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In my job as an employee coach I have worked with people from over 30 nations around the world and found that every employee has heart’s desires or dreams they hope will come true. In helping people discover and clarify their dreams I noticed that in every person’s dream there is a part that feels impossible for them to achieve. And yet, these employees all want their dreams to come true.

I believe the impossible part of dreams is God speaking to us giving us a glimpse of what can come true, if we can only believe.

Even when an employee is not a follower of Jesus I will encourage them that their dreams can become reality. Many times people do not have anyone in their life that believes they can attain their dreams and they are hoping someone will encourage them on their dream journey.

Heart’s desires or dreams are God’s way of tugging on our hearts and letting us know what He wants to do in and through us. He wants to bless the world and reveal his love through our lives.

When we encourage people to follow their dreams it points them in the direction of encountering God Himself.

God is the one who has placed these incredible desires in people and He is endeavoring to bring His dreams to pass through all of our lives. His ultimate dream is that people will come to know the love of Christ, to encounter Jesus. As we encourage people to go for their dreams three things occur:

1. We position ourselves as their friend and someone who believes in them.

2. We are an encourager who believes they can achieve their dreams.

3. We are a witness for Jesus when they feel the dream is impossible.

Encouraging people to pursue their dreams creates an instant bond and an open door to speak into their lives.

Anyone who pursues a great dream will hit times when they are discouraged and need faith and hope that their dream can come true.

When we love people and believe in their dreams we become God’s witness to them of Jesus’ love and plan for their life, especially at times when they are losing hope and questioning their heart’s desire.

Which of your friends, family and co-workers could you inspire to pursue their dreams TODAY?

Your encouragement will lead them down the path of encountering God at times when they question whether their dreams can come true. Be a believer in dreams and… a witness for Jesus!


Dream Manager

For more than ten years, Joe Candella has worked as an employee coach and Dream Manager helping people discover their talents and achieve their dreams. He is the original coach for the Dream Engineer program, featured in the Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly. JANCOA Janitorial Services Dream Engineer program reduced turnover 70% and helped transform the company into a human development business.

Joe’s love of people paired with his passion and desire to find hidden talent within the organization has been an integral part of JANCOA creating a culture of acceptance, inclusion, creativity and excellence.  Joe is available for speaking engagements, group trainings and one-on-one coaching sessions. You can contact him at [email protected]