Partnering With Godin ALL areas of life.

Discover. Build. Influence.

We help you discover what you were born for, build a life of purpose, and positively influence your world.

We do this through teaching, training and tools that equip you with a life-changing experience rather than just a lesson and a set of notes.

What would you do if nothing was impossible?

How do you get from where you are to where you were bornĀ to be?

What if you believed in yourself as much as God believes in you?


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Upcoming Events

  • Heaven in Business Conference

    Hastings, New Zealand

    Keys to access a tangible partnership with God in your daily work. What is the benefit of God WITH us?


  • Hearing God at Work

    Redding, California

    Experience measurable growth in your ability to hear the voice of God in your daily workplace activities.


  • Heaven in Business UK

    Peterborough, United Kingdom

    Join us for two days with Andy Mason, focusing on the Kingdom of Heaven in your business and place of work.